Friday, November 10, 2006

Varo For Mayor, The Orange County Register and Pat Bates Common Denominator?

Varo For Mayor, The Orange County Register and Pat Bates Common Denominator?
October 4, 2006

Pat Bates' claim to fame according to her website is that “She was the driving force behind Laguna Niguel’s cityhood campaign and became the first Mayor upon the city’s incorporation in 1989.”

The Varo for Mayor Committee should be that much more inspired to turn Coto into a City – What are the chances that Wilson will fund his Trojan Horse at the tune of $25K-45K consultant study that will show that Coto is better off as a city? – you know, like the procurement process used by the Coto de Caza board to fire the CHP, or to fire the Security Director, or to Fire the largest security company in the world, only to replace it with the one of the smallest in the region – that is, no evidence of due diligence.

Bates uses the OCR’s Martin Wisckol “reporting” to support her campaign.

Bates supports the Terrible Tunnel – a tunnel that would connect Orange and Riverside counties and relieve traffic congestion in one place and create constipation in Orange County by dumping an estimated 120,000 cars per day from Riverside into traffic saturated South and Central Orange County) - and so do certain members of Congress actively trying to fund it – These same members are listed in the recently released Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics List of the 20 Most Corrupt Members of Congress: Gary Miller, R-Diamond Bar, and Rep. Ken Calvert, R-Corona.

The Mayor of the soon-to-be-bankrupt City of Rancho Santa Margarita and the Coto de Caza board of directors support Pat Bates

Now this is your brain…..

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