Friday, November 10, 2006

The Shot That Was Not Heard Around the Globe – But Should Have!

The Shot That Was Not Heard Around the Globe – But Should Have!
October 10, 2006

On October 5, 2006, according to the Associated Press, The London Sun newspaper reported that London police excused a Muslim officer, Alexander Omar Basha, from standing guard at the Israeli Embassy

“because of moral objections to Israel's bombing of Lebanon…. The decision set off a furious debate, with critics saying duty should come before personal beliefs.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Ian Blair ordered an urgent review of the decision amid fears the impartiality of the police force could be compromised.

“What happens if a Greek officer doesn't want to guard the Turkish Embassy, or an anti-hunting officer refuses to protect pro-hunt demonstrators?” asked David Hockney, a member of the Metropolitan Police Authority, an oversight body”

So what is the fuss about? California schools have set up special prayer rooms for Muslim students, while at the same time vilifying Christian students whenever possible.

Canada is considering setting up districts where Muslim residents can rule themselves, according to Muslim law.

The Estates, while being subsidized by CZ master association residents, want to build a fence-within a fence.

In Mendez v. Westminster , Judge McCormick relying not just on legal precedent but on social science and education research ruled that separate is never equal!

The Brits decision to excuse an officer from standing guard at the Israeli Embassy is bad news for democracy and this shot should have been heard all around the globe!

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