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CZ - An Attempted Rape in Coto de Caza? Safety an Issue

CZ - An Attempted Rape in Coto de Caza? Safety an Issue?

November 8, 2006

Hello All: It was apparently reported that there was an attempted rape in Coto. We need confirmation and more information. CZ Board Members and Vinnie, what do you know? Is this true? Joe Morabito, former member Coto de Caza BOD.

Hi Joe:

This is what appears in the CZ website and below it are our comments relating this incident and the budget process.

Intruder Incident (CZ WEBSITE 11-08-2006)
An intruder incident was reported in the news regarding a man arrested on November 7, 2006 for breaking into a home in Coto de Caza. Please note that the incident happened in the Village community and the intruder was a renter living in the Village.

Is this incident any different than a UPS Guard sleeping in the Guard house overnight or sleeping in his Car in a Coto de Caza Guard parking lot?

What we posted Tuesday Nov 7, 2006:
Most people are now familiar with the intruder taken into custody, alleged to be a worker at the stables.

The association is spending close to $2,000.000.00/ year on private security. Something like $150,000.00 alone for printing of customized passes. The problem is that the community is not getting its money’s worth. The gate access process currently in place is the most liberal we have seen in the last 14 years – perhaps the gates should be open, as Varo/Mezgar have done with Oaknoll/Oakwood gates – much more efficient and anyone can come in and go as they please without bothering anyone, including the gate guards.

For those interested in an independent view of the gate access process, refer to former security director William Pilot’s State of Security White Paper found under HOA Resources in the website.

More disturbing is the fact that the board has refused to even look into guard training and guard card irregularities. All we can say is, remember this intruder incident! - Buzz

Buzz: Bob Varo has spent the last several years openingly bad mouthing the CHP telling us that the Orange County Sheriff is who we should be looking to for security and traffic patrol. Obviously, we have never gotten the traffic patrols from the Sheriff's department; hence the need for the CHP. Now specific to crime prevention, Varo/Mezger who fired the largest security firm in the world and hired one of the smallest because of a "compelling offer" that we all now know was bogus and who believe the Sheriff is our great protector need to call both Universal and the Sheriff's department and hold them responsible and accountable for crimes in Coto. If our gates don't provide us more security for higher CZ dues in 2005 and shortly in 2007, then what is the point of our gates?

Better yet, what is the polnt of Varo/Mezger? Does anyone in Coto really believe that CZ Members are better off today under Varo/Mezger than they were under Zarian/Glisson/ Rose. We have had tragic deaths on our streets under Varo/Mezger and a pending lawsuit that could cost us all money one way or another. Shortly, we will have two dues increases under Varo/Mezger and our landscaping has never looked worse and we are not safer. When I say that Varo/Mezger have been the most incomptent CZ Board Members in the history of Coto, proof from all the fiascos abounds. Joe Morabito


Coto de Caza Intruder, Gate Access and the Coto de Caza Budget
Most Coto de Caza residents are now familiar with the intruder taken into custody today, alleged to be a worker at the stables. The association is spending close to $2,000.000.00/year on private security. Something like $150,000.00 alone for printing of...

Why live in a Gated Community such as Coto de Caza?

According to the conclusion of the international conference on private urban governance, more then half of all new homes in the U.S. are guarded in some way. This might seem like a somewhat extreme reaction on the American anxiety, but the whole trend towards gated communities could actually be a good thing and a revival of the old Greek ideal of the city-state
The Nobel Peace Prize and Coto de Caza Budget Process
Just over one week ago, Muhammad Yanus won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work making small loans to poor people with big dreams. Something he started to do in his native Bangladesh some 30-plus years ago.
Several Web sites have sprung up in the last few...

To: Coto de Caza Board of Directors
From: A. Manian
I understand that the CZ Master Association board of directors is seriously considering terminating the CHP contract for pro-active traffic control by the end of...

You Can Foley Some People Some of the Time, But You Cannot Foley All the People All of the Time.
Trickle down economics: Incompetent/corrupt politicians bankrupted Orange County once. Writing is on the wall to do it again!
First, Orange County is driven into bankruptcy by incompetent/corrupt politicians. In the “lessons learned” category...

To make sure Coto residents understand what they get when they see a signature block as the one listed below, we are proposing a disclaimer that should be included within that signature block:

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