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(aking control: As seen through the Orange County Register's Adporting (advertising passing as reporting - known in television as product integration)

Taking control: As seen through the Orange County Register's Adporting (advertising passing as reporting - known in television as product integration)

October 10, 2006

In traditional adporting (advertising passing as reporting – in television, it is called product integration) ), the October 6, 2006 issue of the Orange County Register’s CanyonLife runs an article sub-titled: A surge in speed related teen fatalities causes parents to wonder what can be done. Then in the body of the “report”, the article provides contact information for a couple of training facilities.

In this forum, we have argued ad nausea that public safety is not rocket science. It starts with the very simple Secretary Rumsfeld Rule: If it is important, you need to measure it, followed by LEEO – described below:

Additionally, there are a number of programs coordinated by the various local law-enforcement agencies (under the second E in LEEO – education), such as the CHPs Start Smart Program and the Sheriff’s Orange County’s Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC),.



L – Leadership - Firing volunteers for not agreeing to pursue personal agendas and to give up free speech is NOT leadership! When members of the Coto de Caza board of directors call law enforcement agents "extortionists", then resort to name calling and legal threats to silence critics and even engage in anti-social behaviors, THAT is not leadership!

When Coto de Caza mothers drive teens around the neighborhood to engage in "vandalizing parties", what does that say about leadership and accountability?

E – Engineering – that is, streets need to be certified for patrol and certification needs to be current. Even then, Kids will fail to stop and even speed up the closer they are to getting home - that is, road certification is necessary but not sufficient. For example, there are blind corners within Coto De Caza as a result of landscaping. What has been done about it? Put the landscaping priorities over public safety!

E- Education – self-awareness program to educate residents on the importance of respecting law and order. Then Model Law and Order – that is, Do as I Do!

E – Engagement – coordination between law enforcement agencies and residents. It is amazing that not even the Sheriff's office can provide us with a management tool to tell us if as a community we are being effective and responsible in our actions. Requires personal accountability. Parents need to set clear boundaries for kids, with consequences.

O – organization - Need we say anymore?

Agenda Journalism by the Orange County Register or Adporting?
The January 25, 2006 issue of the OC Register reports that “ Residents living in unincorporated areas of the county will get more law enforcement on their streets by the end of February”. Here we are, October 2006 and guess what happened? Nothing, Zilch, Nada!

CotoBuzz January 2006 Newsletter
CZ MASTERS BOD/ OC REGISTER CONSPIRACY – CZ MAFIA? YOU BE THE JUDGE! As CotoBuzz readers know, we have been working for some time on a model to help us understand the relationship between the CZ Board’s multiple breaches, and the output from...

Intensive Versus Pensive
CZ board member, Metzger has characterized the current Coto de Caza traffic patrol as “intensive” – only after the board was coerced into bringing back the CHP – the problem is that since the association has...

Disturbed by the feedback the board is getting about service providers, the board president writes in the May 2006 issue of the CZ President’s Letter: “what makes matters worse is that one would think that these individuals would know...

We just had a constructive, and at times very heated, conversation with Orange County’s Deputy District Attorney, Susan Schroeder regarding the tragic accident that occurred March 12, 2006 at the intersection of North Hampton Place and Lexington Way...

In the words of former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani from his speech at DMD New York in June 2002 when he was asked by an audience member how he got crime under control, he replied the city set up the right tracking metrics and benchmarks. Giuliani said, "If...

The Coto de Caza board of directors has blamed the current state of patrol unworthy Coto de Caza streets on previous property manager, even though the current property manager has been on the job for over five years! - So we hare recommending a tickler...

Italian Publisher Expands Add-On Business To Teach Orange County Newspapers to Sell Real Estate
The May 24, 2006 issue of the Wall Street Journal reports that in 1993 the Italian newspaper La Repubblica conjured up an incentive to increase circulation – sexual-education tapes for children, which la Repubblica sold every week with the daily...

In its continued commitment to public safety, on June 1, 2006, CotoBuzz unveiled a Crime and Vandalism Management tool (see below for first installment), containing key metrics and a side-by-side comparison between Coto de Caza and Ladera Ranch....

COTO DE CAZA- SecurityAreNotUs
In today's Canyon Life, there was an article about Lyle Schlieder's leaving the BOD. Lyle was quoted as follows: "There are no patrols anymore. I am not sure if what we are dealing with is just a pretty face at the gate that we pay a lot of money for." So...

SHERIFF IS NO HELP: A CASE FOR A COTO DE CAZA PRO-ACTIVE VANDALISM PREVENTION PROGRAM - Perhaps the Orange County Register’s columnist may view 20 Coto teens playing with toy guns in local parks as totally innocent. Maybe even draw a parallel with the banned lemonade stands. There are many problems with this line of reasoning:

CotoBuzz March 2006 Newsletter
First Traffic Accident Lawsuit Filed: Coto de Caza Public Safety Bandwagon is filling up Fast- Hop In!: . We just received the February 2006 CHP report – as previously reported in the Coto discussion forum, we had our first traffic accident in...

Lawless, Clueless Coto de Caza
Last night, December 12, 2006, the CZ homeowner’s association board of directors held their regularly scheduled open session meeting. Present were representatives from the LA Times and Freedom Communications.

Coto de Caza Late Breaking News from the Los Angeles Times
In an article published January 23, 2006, Daniel Yi, LA Times Staff Reporter has done what the OC Register has been unable to do in over two years: present a balanced view of traffic control within Coto de Caza.

Breaking News: According to CZ BOD, Sheriff Extortionist! - As soon as the Bob Varo/Jerry Mezger took over the Coto de Caza board of directors, they fired the CHP for proactive traffic control, without a suitable replacement. Very soon thereafter, the traffic accident rate within Coto de Caza started to balloon. To add salt to the wound, the board, without any previous open discussion and without any warning, fired Securitas – the largest private security company in the world, and replaced it with one of the smallest one in the region – Universal Protection Services (UPS). The consequences could not have been more disastrous. We filed a complaint with Freedom Communications Board of Directors with regards to their reporting – following is a brief excerpt.

Lawless, Values-less, Spiritual-less Coto de Caza
When we first moved to Coto de Caza over 12 years ago, we really thought there was No Place Like Coto. Shortly thereafter CNN/Money discovered Coto as well and included it in their list of One of the Best Places to Live/Best Places to Retire.

EVIDENCE OF WMD FOUND IN COTO DE CAZA! - Through effective use of the OC Register and a carrot and stick, the CZ BOD has convinced a number of followers that the only way in which the CZ board can provide traffic control, is by turning Coto into a City. One month the board simply says, "The Sheriff is coming, the Sheriff is coming". Then the next month the board argues that they cannot contract directly for patrol services - instead, the residents need to approve Coto turning into a City.

Dummy Wanted, ventriloquist in place

The objective is to Safely take Coto de Caza and turn it into a city. You see, Orange County Supervisor Tom Wilson already met his end of the bargain by repealing an ordinance that lets the Sheriff patrol unincorporated areas such as Coto. So now the board needs to keep their end of the bargain! – soon!

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