Tuesday, February 26, 2008

An Argument Against Democracy – The 2008 US Oprahfied Presidential Elections

An Argument Against Democracy – The 2008 US Oprahfied Presidential Elections

February 26, 2008

According to the Canada Business Center (2003) research suggests that “as much as 93% of a person’s total perception is the result of images conveyed to the brain in one way or another”

It has been said that most of us think we think, but in reality, there are very few people who actually do so. Reasons given are time constraints and the fact that in general our responsibilities increase at an average of 10%/year and lacking a stimulating environment.

Myrna Blyth, long-time editor of Ladies Home Journal and founding editor of More, is author of Spin Sisters: Katie Couric, Oprah, Barbara Walters and others. She charges that these spin sisters are selling misery, feelings of inadequacy and a liberal agenda to women in America. The end result is that a large population cannot think on their own and blindly follow the spin sister's advice.

Consider that in the 2008 Oprahfied Elections, it is plausible that Oprah’s candidate can become the president of the United States - For all we know, Barack Obama could make the best president of the United States ever – we just have not seen any evidence to date, there is any content in his character.

Blyth’s assertions are self-evident in this presidential election – a good number of people in the US cannot think independently and blindly follow recommendations of people such as the spins sister. If this is how democracy works in the 21st Century, perhaps democracy is not your grandpa’s democracy.

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