Saturday, February 23, 2008

Chat with OC Sheriff Candidates: Kevin Keyes

Chat with OC Sheriff Candidates: Kevin Keyes

The first and most important priority is to restore honor to the office that was taken by its last office holder- Kevin Keyes

February 23, 2008

We have offered the seven identified OC Sheriff candidates; Jack Anderson, Bill Hunt, Craig Hunter, Kevin Keyes, Ralph Martin, Ken Maddox and Paul Walters, the CotoBuzz Journal as a platform to communicate with their respective potential supports. We have also posed to them a number of questions – we shall be publishing their responses in the order we receive them.

Following is a virtual chat with candidate Kevin Keyes

CBJ: Do you agree that the OCSD needs a corporate culture extreme makeover?

K. Keyes: Yes, while there are many good people, the good must weed out the bad and we would implement an accountability program. Mediocrity is not acceptable, accountability is.
CBJ: What are your top ten priorities for the OCSD if selected?

K. Keyes: Well, there is actually another election soon after the appointment so I will give you an initial list and see how we do.

Kevin Keyes

The first and most important is to restore honor to the office that was taken by its last office holder.

Second is to restore the trust of the taxpayers.

My executive team would immediately begin a financial accounting audit. All vendor contracts, contractors, suppliers would be required to re-bid all jobs and services supplied to the department. All monies will be noted on where the funds come from and where it all goes made available to the taxpayers. The new round of competition should provide for significant cost savings. This would include retirement and benefit packages. All costs itemized and all expensed noted. No more “MISC” columns.

I would change the CCW policy to a “shall” issue approach. The 2nd amendment gives Americans that right, not the sheriff’s office. There are many laws for who can and cannot carry a weapon but the interest must be to assist those asking not make it more difficult or reserve ccw’s for only those politically connected.

Work with union to change union work rules on sheriff rotations on jail service and work with jail division to reduce costs.

Begin complete implementation of existing computer networks so officers in the field have access to data.

Review sheriff threat and review need for protection unit. A review of all staffing requirements in tandem.

Meeting with federal counterparts and implement screening for illegal aliens in custody and arrange for turnover to feds for deportation.

Meet with all department leaders, develop a five-year plan on all equipment replacements for future budgeting, cost analysis, cost reductions.

Then, I’ll have to get re-elected.

CBJ: What/who is your biggest obstacle to getting the post?

K. Keyes: While I have been in the professional business community for 27 years, I am not a public figure. I am also not a career sheriff. I am a citizen of our community that believes I can do the job and am interested in fixing the problems.

CBJ : What do you see as the main problems with the Orange County Board of Supervisors

K. Keyes: I have not met with them yet to determine their course of action so I cannot determine that yet.

CBJ : What do you see as the main problems with the Orange County DA?

K. Keyes: Their lawyers.

Seriously, I read your website and saw you use satire so I thought I’d throw it in.

I would like to have a new attorney for the office and they would meet with the DA, review all existing known problems and a plan to correct within 30 days.

The sheriff’s department is huge, it will be difficult to implement major changes but the longest journey starts with the first steps. I believe by example I can earn the trust and respect of the officers and restore the pride of being an OCSD member a badge they can wear with pride.

If you think that Kevin Keyes is the right person for position, be sure to write your Orange County Supervisor and send the CotoBuzz Journal a copy of your request.

Orange County Board of Supervisors: Contact Information

Supervisor Janet Nguyen
Supervisor, First District
Phone: 714.834.3110
Fax: 714.834.5754 Supervisor John Moorlach
Chairman, Board of Supervisors
Phone: 714.834.3220
Fax: 714.834.6109
Supervisor Bill Campbell
Supervisor, Third District
Phone: (714) 834-3330
Fax: (714) 834-2786
Supervisor Chris Norby
Supervisor - 4th District
Phone: 714.834.3440
Fax: 714.834.2045
Supervisor Patricia C. Bates
Vice Chairperson
Supervisor, 5th District
Phone 714.834.3550
Fax: 714.834.2670

OC Sheriff Candidates

Jack Anderson, Mission Viejo, Interim Sheriff
Bill Hunt, Laguna Hills:
Craig Hunter, Yorba Linda:
Kevin Keyes, Irvine;
Ralph Martin, Coto de Caza,
Ken Maddox, Los Alamitos;
Paul Walters, Santa Ana,

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