Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sergeant Major Todd's Song

Sergeant Major Todd's Song

February 17, 2008

While the Berkeley City Council calls the Marines "unwelcome intruders." And moves to boot a Marine recruiting station out of town, the council grants

Code Pink held special parking privileges and free sound permits so Code Pink members can protest the Marine recruiting center. Gloating, Code Pink as a number of Berkeley Letters of thanks to the City Council – an excerpt from one of the letters follows:
Defacing of the Berkley Marine Corp Recruiting Station

As a 28 year resident of Berkeley, who values peaceful alternatives to conflict, thank you for having the courage and conviction to tell military recruiters they are not welcome in Berkeley. AS THE MOTHER OF TWO TEENAGERS, ONE OF WHOM HAS RECEIVED UNSOLICITED AND UNWELCOME RECRUITMENT MATERIALS FROM THE MILITARY, I know this is a very important issue to me and to many other families – Code Pink

On the other hand, we have Sergeant Major Todd. Todd recently retired from the Army after 25 years of being a green beret. S.M. Todd responsibilities while in the Army was to oversee anti-terrorist teams.

S.M. Todd was disgusted when he heard the comment, "I support the troops, but not the war." He then explains how he feels about the war on Islamic extremists:

Just understand that my Brothers and I voluntarily fought to give you the choice.

I wish that I had written this letter two years ago. Brave men that I personally knew died. I held some of them in their last moments on this earth. I rejoiced in their great accomplishments and selfless sacrifice to fight a wrong and to free the oppressed. I cried when they died. They left families and friends behind. This is the life that we voluntarily chose. Some gave all, all gave some. The dead are at peace: The living remain with the guilt.. Why them and not me? We bear scars that run to the deepest depths of our souls... We are handicapped, and bear the guilt that you will never know.

I did bad/evil things to bad/evil people.. They deserved it. I will do it again with as much vengeance and jubilation if I ever have the chance.

This is another reason why the military who fight and die have a saying. We went to war; America went shopping!

The American public as a whole have not had to sacrifice anything as of yet except: During World War 2, all Americans had to sacrifice: Millions of loved ones during a National Draft, gas rationing, copper and all metals, rubber, meatless Tuesdays, cotton and linen (for bandages), lead for bullets.. etc. etc... Since 9-11-2001, the American public enjoyed the record level benefits of investing in the DOW and New York Stock Exchange. It is only recently by having a Democratic majority Congress that we are now on the verge of a recession.

Never forget 9-11-2001 and the men who make sacrifices to try to ensure that it will never happen again on USA soul. More American lives are lost per year on U.S. highways than we lost in the Global War on Terror as of this date. Do not let my Brothers die in vain. Petition your Congressman and Senators to stay the course that they voted on. Yes they voted to send America to War, it is not an illegal war. Hold them accountable for their actions and their votes.. Make them stand by their vote and finish it. If we do not WIN this war, America will forever be the victim of attack and peril... We will be forced to bow down before our enemies, we will be slaughtered and beheaded as a Christian Nation as they have already done to our Brothers that they captured.

Pray for our Country and our Leaders. This is an election year and we need divine intervention to keep our country strong and prosperous. This Nation was founded on Christian beliefs, do not believe the myth that our constitution guarantees separation of church and state. Our nation was founded on Christian ideals. Our Nation's founders, no matter their faults; openly prayed in "English" during the opening of every official government meeting in the Name of God Our Father. I challenge you to find the guarantee of separation of church and state in the U.S. Constitution. It does not exist.

Will the Berkley City Council ever understand? It is doubtful Code Pink ever will!

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