Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sizzling Red Hot Coto de Caza

Sizzling Red Hot Coto de Caza

Vote wrongly if you will, but vote!

February 4, 2008

If political contribution activity is any indication as to how Coto de Caza will vote in this year's presidential elections, then Coto is Redder than Red Meat.

Rudy Guliani got the most money from Coto residents with a total of $41,928 and an average of $1,352 per donation, followed by Romney at $17,800 with an average of $741 and MacCain with $15,250 and an average of $1694. Is there a message in these figures? That is, more donors per Romney, with smaller donations, even though he can afford and may be able to buy the US Presidency?

On the democratic side, Obama had two registered donors with a total of $1,000 and Senator Clinton received $3,300. Might explain why democrats are conspicuously absent from the Coto Discussion Forum
The earliest donation recorded in this database is January 2007 and the latest one is September 2007, and of course is not indicative of the Obama Bump or the Giuliani failed Florida strategy.

Coto de Caza 2007 Political Contributions

Only individual contributions from California are included. The donor information – only donations of $200 or more are detailed – is submitted to the Federal Elections Commission by campaign committees.

Coto de Caza is Red But California is Blue, Blue, Blue

I assume that my donations for Romney would have been booked as Nevada not Coto. And, the big amount of money going to Guiliani just indicates that Republicans who remain in California are fairly liberal or moderate. The Conservatives have already moved to Nevada which is one of the reasons Nevada is a Red state, just barely anyway because of Las Vegas and California is a Blue State . After Pete Wilson destroyed the Republican Party in California , it has never recovered. The Republican Party in California is truly a minority party. Hollywood and Bay Area types with money are all left wing Democrats. California is lost. This state has gone over to the dark side. And, specific to the Presidency unless a new initiative requiring apportionment passes, given the Electoral College system, California Republican votes don’t matter much anyway. It is actually a really good argument against our Corrupt Delegate Electoral system as CZ Members are regularly disenfranchised. Of course, on the national scene the Electoral System actually makes it harder for Democrats to win which is the only reason to support it. JM

Hi Joe:

The gutting you refer to directly led to the gutting of the California educational system, and replaced it with one of the most powerful unions in the country – the California Teacher’s Association. Wit Capo’s board actions.

That also raises a question: If Coto is so Red, and puts its money where its mouth it is, why is that the CZ board of directors in deed and actions seem to reflect an Obama country?


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Liberal Mac - according to former member of CZ board of directors Joseph Morabito

Hello All: John McCain has two timed the Republican Party for the last 27 years. Let me count the ways:

McCain/Kennedy that would have given amnesty to 12,000,000 illegal aliens.
McCain/Feingold that prevents Republicans from contributing to elect Republicans and limits free speech.
Voted two times against the Bush Tax Cuts.
Supports closing Guantanomo where the Terrorists are in jail.
Supports ending water boarding to get information from Terrorists.
Was involved in the Keating Savings and Loan Scandal which cost taxpayers over $400 Billion. Should have gone to jail for that one.
McCain/Liberman specific to global warming that will raise all energy cost in this country and cost jobs.
John McCain is not a conservative Republican. He will reach across the aisle all right with Democrats to raise taxes. He has never had a job outside government in his life. He is a kept man supported by his rich wife. McCain can’t deal with the economy since he has never worked in it. John McCain does not have the temperament to be President. He is arrogant and stubborn. McCain will get us into even more wars.

While Mitt Romney is not perfect by any means, he can beat Hill and Bill by first uniting the Republican Party. If McCain is the nominee, conservative Republicans will sit out this election and we will lose. McCain will tear the Republican Party apart which will take years to recover. Remember, Pete Wilson in California who destroyed the Republican Party here and it has never really recovered. A vote for McCain is a vote for Hill and Bill. I am voting for Mitt Romney as the only candidate who can beat Hill and Bill. JM

Boy Mitt (Chameleon) Romney

It is hard to argue against the Limbaugh/Hannity talking points.

It is also hard to argue against Romney’s Clintonian definition of “seeing while I was not there”, or even voting against life, before being for it.

It is hard to argue about refusing to be counted for political expediency

Or Guru Romney’s Yoga – that is, how many positions can one have on a single issue –refer to Exclusive Brody File Video: Huckabee on Romney: "How Many Different ...

"How Many Different Changes of Position Can One Have ... the first to admit that and when you add to that positions that he's held on ...

Or as Boy George might say – Chameleon Mitt -- Buzz

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