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Coto de Caza's Tail Trying to Wag the Dog- Biting the hand that feeds you

Coto de Caza's Tail Trying to Wag the Dog- The law Of Unintended consequences
Biting the hand that feeds you.

Posted By CotoBlogzz 06-05-2010 10:30 PM

The CZ Masters association’s misguided decision to open the Yocham/Varo Dog Park so lazy pet owners can simply let their pets roam free in a contained environment is yielding unintended consequences:  For starters, while financially the decision is bone-headed, the real intent is to use smoke and mirrors to convince Rancho Santa Margarita (RSM) City Hall that it would be getting a good deal by annexing the community, even though residents overwhelmingly refuse to pay additional taxes. 

CZ director Bob Varo continues to make the irrational argument that  Coto de Caza residents would be better off with annexation by getting additional services from the county – this after Rancho residents pay some $130/capita for OCSD services, while Coto residents pay zilch.  More insane when you consider that at the same time the CZ Master association continues to dole out over $3 million/year in subsidies to non CZ-residents, including residents from other homeowners associations such as the Estates and the Villages. Not to mention the questionable supplier management practices at RSM City Hall.

The Yocham-Varo Dog Park - why? because it is a real puppy!

So, what happens now?  Well. Another Homeowners association in Coto is trying to wag the Dog: The Village HOA  does not like the Yocham/Varo Dog Park because it is literally in its own backyard.  Secondly, the Village governance does not like the idea of annexation.  So much so, that the Village’s newsletter is now appearing on a different community newspaper – them are fightin’ actions!

But wait, there is more.  According to a local community newspaper, a representative for the California Fish and Game  was called in to look at possible CZ violation in the construction of the park, a complaint was filed with the OCDA’s office and the CZ Master association decided to proceed with the Yocham/Varo Dog Park after settling the fine.  As we looked in to the issue, the reporting is not quite correct according to the Orange County District Attorneys (OCDA) office:  We contacted a leader of the anti-dog park movement, but he did not respond.  Farrah Emammi, Orange County District Attorney’s spokesperson, after checking with Assistant District Attorney Mike Lubinsky, declared that no such complaint had been filed with the OCDA’s office.    We also contacted Fish and Game Public Records Act Coordinator, Kristine VanKeuren.  VanKeuren was not able to provide details other than ask us for the specific location of the Yocham/Varo Dog Park.  We have yet to hear from Ms VanKeuren.   So, why all the allegations?  Is it perhaps that the Village wants divorce plus alimony?

The Village HOA residents continue to be subsidized by the larger CZ Master association.  While the CZ Master Association pays some $1.7 million /year on gate access and meter maids, the Villagers pay nothing.  Even so, the Village’s  local governance has been fighting for a gate within a gate – In essence, separate but unequal:  While CZ residents pay for the “Coto Life Style” that the Villagers enjoy for free, they do not want anyone else near the Village.  The Village’s governance announced that it is working to find an “equitable agreement that can be worked out with the CZ Master association regarding “the gate issue”.  Equitable would be for the Village to pay its fair share of the more than $3 milllion/year in subsidies.

While there may be other CZ residents opposed to the insanely conceived Yocham/Varo Dog Park, seems like in this case the more vocal residents are the ones paying nothing for the Coto Life Style – a case of the tail trying to wag the dog.


Coto de Caza Governance - An Illustration of Parasitic Bureaucracies

Coto de Caza , CA - Vicentia Davis, on behalf of the Coto de Caza governance, aka the CZ Master Association board of directors is requesting comments from residents to a proposed rule change to restrict parking of recreational vehicles in the community,  by no later than June 10, 2010:  Our comment in one word?  Pathetic



What part of NO, do parasitic bureaucracies such as LAFCO, do not understand?While the state is broke amidst a financial tsunami and there is an exodus of business leaving the state for greener pastures in Arizona, Utah and Nevada, some politicians want to increase taxes.  Other parasitic bureaucracies such as  LAFCO and the CZ board continue to spend taxpayer money to push for cityhood.

Who Let's the Coto Dogs Out?

Hello All: I had a good laugh reading the CZ’s newsletter related to building a Dog Park in Coto so “dogs could run free”. We don’t even have a multi-generational park in Coto so Seniors (soon to be me) can walk free. What I want to know is when did dogs start paying CZ dues? Certainly the dogs that reside in CZ must pay dues to warrant the dedication of a park to them. What other logic could there be for building a Dog Park on one of the few areas of common area left in Coto that should instead be dedicated to a multi-generational park. And, why do we need a Dog Park anyway, when we have miles of horse trails that can be used to walk dogs on very long leashes so that they can run and crap free.


Coto de Caza’ Redistribution of Wealth: From Seniors to Dogs


Coto de Caza, CA- You cannot make this up:  The Coto de Caza local governance, aka the CZ Master Association, has decided to proceed to build a dog park.  Not a problem, particularly when you paraphrase Karl Marx’s  1875 Critique of the Gotha Program “From Coto de Caza seniors according to their means, to dogs, according to their owner’s whims”  


Coto de Caza Going To The Dogs

Coto de Caza, CA
Hello All:  I can't imagine why CZ would waste time or money building a Dog Park on our common area, when we still don't have a multi-generational park in Coto that would meet the needs of our changing demographic.  We gave away our Sports Park to outsiders for peanuts to benefit a few hundred CZ members in Coto.   And, the CZ Board now wants to commit what little decent common area we have left to another few hundred members so they can run their dogs around crapping on our common area land.   There is something very wrong with this picture

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