Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Efficient, Effective and Shellacking

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Rancho Santa Margarita CA: Effective is defined as doing the right thing, whereas Efficient  is doing things right and Shellacking is an utter defeat

In a  press conference earlier today, the President reflected in the shellacking he got from the 2010 mid-term elections, but asserted his adminstration is effective, although admittedly, not efficient.

We do not agree.  We think  the President's policies have not been effective, albeit  ineffective.  That is, efficiently ineffective

Worse, what we heard is that President still does not get it - he does not even want to consider his policies have been wrong, as he refuses to "re-litigate,"  using his own words.   To be clear, certain pundits conversant with word-parsing opine that the President sent out clues during the press conference, that he was willing to compromise.  The problem is that the President has zero to no credibility in our opinion, as his policies and rhetoric have consistently been diametrically opposed - so much so that self-described Uniter in Chief from early on in his term has behaved in word and deed, more like the President of the United Special Interests of America (POTUS-IA)  

Just a few of a myriad of examples: Considered how the POTUS-IA  has consistently insulted those who do not agree with him calling them either enemies or ignorant for clinking to their guns and their religion.  Given the situation, clinging to our guns and our religion may be the best thing we can do.

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