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Hispanic and victim of real estate fraud? The OCDA wants to see you

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SANTA ANA -, CA.  If  you are Hispanic, have dealt with Arthur Gonzales Diaz and feel you have been victim of real estate fraud, the   Orange County District Attorney (OCDA) wants to see you.

The OCDA is asking for the public's help in identifying Hispanic victims of  Arthur Gonzales Diaz who was arraigned today for defrauding over $87,000 from Hispanic victims in real estate fraud scheme.

Diaz, 56, Anaheim, is charged with seven felony counts of grand theft and one misdemeanor count of engaging in business as a real estate broker without a license with a sentencing enhancement for property damage exceeding $65,000. If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of eight years in state prison. Diaz is being held on $75,000 bail.

Beginning in August 2008, Diaz is accused of illegally operating as an independent Real Estate Mortgage Broker, despite his license being suspended since 1998. He is accused of coercing Spanish speaking victims into giving him money for bogus real estate deals including home loan medications, short sales, home sales and purchases. 

Diaz is accused of setting up three corporations Trans-World International Securities, Inc. International Marketing Network Corporation, and Banco International Realty, Inc. The defendant is accused of running independent operations out of two Santa Ana offices, a RE/MAX branch office located at 2951 South Plaza Drive and a Century 21 Real Estate office located at 3500 South Bristol Street. 

Between Aug. 1, 2008, and Dec. 16, 2009, Diaz is accused of knocking on door of Alicia L.'s home under the pretense of being a legitimate real estate broker at RE/MAX in Santa Ana. Diaz is accused of fraudulently taking $15,000 from the victim, not purchasing a home for her, obtaining a co-signer on her home loan, and returning only $2,000 of her money.  

 In late December 2009, Diaz is accused of hiring Hector M. to be a transaction coordinator at RE/MAX. He is accused of fraudulently taking $5,000 from Hector M. for a real estate investment deal, promising to pay the victim 20 percent profit and in one month. The defendant is accused of never paying any money back.

Each victim reported fraud to their local police departments in the Cities of Placentia, Tustin, Anaheim, Garden Grove, and Santa Ana. In Sept. 2010, the OCDA began investigating the case and linking the cases. The OCDA filed charges Oct. 21, 2010. He was arrested yesterday, Nov. 4, 2010, by OCDA investigators and Anaheim Police Department officers. 

The OCDA is asking for the public's help in identifying potential additional victims. Anyone with additional information or who believes they have been a victim is encouraged to contact Supervising District Attorney Investigator Ron Frazier at (714) 347-8691.

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