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KNX1070/CBS's Political Polish Joke

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - “First of all, there's been a lot of confusion about the spelling of "Polak." It's not "Polock", "Polack", or "Pollock." And it's not "Pole", because that's something you stick old, worn-out boots on. It's just plain "Polak", because that's how it's spelled in Polish. No, really. I myself am Polish, and I'm not dead-headed enough to get offended by Polish jokes. I must admit, Polish jokes tend to be the most creative and catchy of any jokes I've ever heard”  writes Do Widzenia, a  Computer Science major student at Yale in The Canonical List of Polish Jokes

Included in the list are:

5 - Polish kamikaze flew 48 successful

6 - Polish loan shark lends out all his money, skips town.

8 - Q. How do you sink a polish battleship?
A. Put it in water.
KNX1070/CBS's  Bill Polish coverage of the GOP primary yesterday included his  attempt at humor, and while not funny, was more symptomatic of the radical left wing and hyphenated media’s use of rhetorical devices to manipulate the dependent, apathetic and or cognitive-challenged electorate and why President Obama has a chance at a second term.

In the President’s on words, 69% of Americans are apathetic or stupid.

Polish’s coverage included brief interviews with GOP operatives focusing on the lack of enthusiasm for the GOP candidates, and referring to Governor endorsements as enthusiastic as looking forward for a colonoscopy.  

Bill Polish is a  Los Angeles native, raised in Glendale and  graduated with a Master’s Degree in Journalism from USC.  After working in Eugene, Oregon; San Jose, CA; San Francisco; Chicago; Minneapolis; Phoenix; Seattle; and San Jose, he had the opportunity to return to his birthplace, in 2001, to work for KNX. Bill has been a field reporter; bureau chief; news director, business reporter and anchor  According to the CBS website, Polish is indecisive; can’t hold a job, loves to move,  hates commuting, loves walking to work, reading and photography.  Loves to manipulate the dependent, apathetic and or cognitive challenged electorate, might be added

The Mostly Left Wing & Hyphenated Media, targeting the apathetic, uninformed and or otherwise cognitive challenged electorate as exemplified by Polish’s coverage, continues to use WMD (weapons of mass dis-formation) to eventually hand the radical left a victory in 2012.  The message to the  KNX1070/CBS radio audience is clear:  There is something wrong with the GOP candidates and therefore, you should vote to reelect King Obama, err. President Obama.


Lt. Governor Newsom’s - an Illustration of Self-Bounded Rationality

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