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Is US Postal Service in Ranch Santa Margarita Worth saving? 

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Is US Postal Service  Worth saving?

Is a rhetorical question posed  By Elisabeth Meinecke Townhall Magazine Managing Editor.

My  visceral  reaction was a resounding, "Heck No " when I read the headline, as it evoked a flurry of emotions from my visit  to the Rancho Santa Margarita's post office yesterday, at around 2:30 pm

I have found that using the self- serving equipment at that post office, I can conduct most of my business, such as purchasing stamps, particularly purchasing certified mail service.  Previously, when serviced by a  live clerk, using the term loosely, I was generally confused at all the terminology being rifled at me with the clerk 's expectation that my response would either yes or no.  Period.  Have you heard of the Soup Nazi?

At around 3:05 pm, a  young lady next to me was trying to use a tape dispenser to seal  a small  package. As she was fumbling with the equipment, a Post Office  Nazi clerk with the name tag, Maria R., started to yell at the young lady that the post office closed at 3:00 pm sharp, and if she was not ready, she would just have come back another day.

To make matters worse, the young lady apparently had committed a cardinal sin and her paperwork was not altogether right, making the Post Office nazi even more upset.  In no uncertain terms, I objected to the way the young lady was treated, and the Post Office nazi threatened me with calling the Sheriff!  I encouraged her to call law enforcement, but she did not.  I also admit to using terms like "sorry excuse for a government employee "

As I reflect on the incident and my past experiences, I find that i preferva root canal than to have to deal with US Post Office personnel, particularly at the Rancho Santa Margarita Office.

Back to elizabeth's question.  Like  a prophet in the desert, I have been making the argument that in order to save California and the country, is to slay the hydra :  The symbiotic relationship between politicians, unions, lobbyists and bureaucracies and why in order to remove this cancer, 80% or more state and federal bureaucracies- AQB, LAFCO, CLRC, EPA, DEO, DEP OF EDUCATION, The US Post Office and so on - should close and or merge.

Do you know that lobbyists outnumber lawmakers in Sacramento by 10-1?  Do you know that unions led by the teachers union spent over $500,000,000 in a ten year period trying to buy lawmakers?

So, Is US Postal Service Worth saving? The answer visceral and otherwise is a resounding NO,

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