Thursday, April 19, 2012

Laguna Woods Village Third Mutual Board of Directors Questionable Practices


To:  Laguna Woods Village Third Mutual Board of Directors:


The Shareholders of Third Laguna Hills Mutual Corporation want to know how, what, where and why was the $40,000 donated to “The Take Back the Village” Candidates? By law the corporation shareholders have the right to demand the full disclosure and release of the campaign funding in the Third Mutual Trustee 2011 Election.

All transparency and disclosure requests have been negated by the “Take Back Our Village” Candidates, Media 55. Laguna Woods Properties and The Globe. With these rejections the Shareholders must appeal (April 16. 2012) to the Legal Offices of the California Association of Realtors.

Administrative leave must be initiated to manage these alleged recruitment and campaign funding circumstances. During the investigation of conflict of interest allegations Candidates Strazuiso, Chang and Welsh are requested to take administrative leave, while the internal and external investigation ensues.

Third Mutual Board of Directors Investigation of Unethical Election Campaign Gifts

ü  �� Reportable Gift: A “gift” is reportable only if it is received from a source that the official is required to identify pursuant to the official’s filing obligations under the Act, ( or that is subject to the conflict of interest provisions of Chapter 7 of the Act (§§ 87100 et seq.) and its Regulations (18700-18708). Investigation of alleged illegal election gifts and campaign funding violations:
ü  �� A conflict of interest:  is alleged payment made by the Laguna Woods Village property management(PCM/ASSOCIA) in order to take control of the (non-profit) The Third Mutual Board of Directors received alleged payments for political purposes. Being based on facts of which the complainant has personal knowledge, or based on information and belief supported by documentary or other evidence included or described in the following complaint .
ü  �� Recruitment: ”Take Back Your Village” election candidates for the purpose of influencing or attempting to influence the action of the voter of a Laguna Woods Non-Profits Corporation (Third Mutual) for the election of a candidate or candidates.

Members 1st Foundation, Paul Loughrey

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