Saturday, July 28, 2012

Something's Rotten - Damn, In Laguna Woods!


United is going to vote very soon on the revised by-laws and occupancy agreement which is being sent to each United Member.

This outrageous United Board of Directors has given members all of Thirty whole days, which is the minimum number of days the law requires, to completely understand these changes. The new changes make the bylaws twice as lengthy as the originals. They were written by the United lawyer! Then they were approved by all the pretending-to-be lawyers on the United Board.

The process took this board TWO FULL YEARS to write these changes, to  read them and understand them. They want you to do the same comprehensive evaluation AND VOTE in THIRTY DAYS!

DO NOT VOTE TO ALLOW THESE CHANGES. Tell this Board of Directors just exactly WHO OWNS the whole of United Mutual. THE MEMBERS DO.

This board never ever asked for member input. This board never ever discussed any of the changes with the membership. The only time anything will be heard from them is


The board only gave 30 days for review and vote because they don’t want you to have time to understand the documents which will control your lives. They did it specifically during the hottest month of the summer when there will be fewer members present to vote. Do not fall prey to these people who do not have your best interest at heart.


The whole body of changes will be on the LWV
website on August 1, 2010 which is the same day the ballots and packages go out to the members. DO NOT ALLOW THESE CHANGES TO BE SHOVED DOWN YOUR THROATS AND RAMRODDED THROUGH by a bunch of secretive egos who only want more and more control.

Please share the flyer (click here) with your friends and neighbors in United. Hand it to them personally and explain to them how important it is for MEMBERS to control their own lives and not  become puppets of the likes of the members of the board and their lawyer.

If you are a Third Member, pass the information along to your friends in United.

Katie McDaniel


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