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The Far Left & Radical Islam’s Common Denominator: the Obama Syndrome

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1.  Blame America first
The traditional classic American worldview is that America is an exceptional country. The Far Left and Radical Islam’s first reaction is to blame America for all the ills.  The latest example is the Benghazi debacle, where the current administration, contrary to the facts available, propagated the myth that a video on YouTube fueled a spontaneous demonstration, which ended up with the murder of Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens.

Paradoxically, Secretary Hillary Clinton stated that emails which appeared on social media did not constitute as credible evidenced, yet she used the video on YouTube as evidence.

2.  Human life has little to no value.  In California, as of July 1, 2012, it is illegal to consume duck’s liver (foi grass) because it is inhumane to ducks.  Yet abortionists Planned Parenthood continues to be funded at taxpayer’s expense.  What is wrong with this picture?

3.   You can be surethat NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, LA TIMES & NY TIMES is behind the far left and radical Islam

4.  Trusts the government more than the individual initiative

5.  Relies on government to define the right rights, as opposed to God given rights.  In fact, during the latest Democratic National Convention, God was booed while at the same time praising Allah.  In the case of Islam, women are second class citizens.

6.  Embraces the Pareto Rule (aka as 802- Rule) to profile veterans, seniors and those advocating for smaller argument as  terrorists, while denouncing racial profile to weed out terrorism, for example.

7.  Embraces the Pareto Rule for entitlements, but denounces it as racial profile if it does not fit the agenda. 

8.  Intolerant of tolerance.  AKA as selective aesthetic reasoning.

Selective Aesthetic Reasoning
9.  Against freedom of YOUR speech & against freedom of YOUR religion:  While it denounces the use of terms such as  War on Terror and illegal alien  as divisive, it prefers the terms workplace violence, overseas contingency operations and man-made disaster.  At the same time it denigrates women who view abortion as murder and ridicules successful conservative women.

10 Worships small, sissy, easily offended gods.   


ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN Are the Enemy of the American People

The President instituted the 15-Minute Rule for government officials calling the White House for issues related to Super storm Sandy - Ambassador Stevens got the Never Never Rule

Supports Pat Cadell's  assertion:   Media, like CNN,  Have Become “Enemy of the American People"

Supports Pat Cadell's  assertion:   Media, like CBS Have Become “Enemy of the American People”
Supports Pat Cadell's  assertion:   Media, lime ABC, Have Become “Enemy of the American People"

Petraeus and Panetta Speak—But Not the President

Petraeus has disclaimed responsibility for the decisions of September 11. Panetta has claimed responsibility for decisions that weren't his to make. Both Petraeus and Panetta have raised more questions than they've answered. The only person who can provide the answers the American people deserve is President O

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