Monday, November 19, 2012

Proposed Orange County Oak Tree Ordinance


Subject: New County Tree Ordinance

November 19, 2012

To: Supervisor Pat Bates.
Dear Ms. Bates:
As you know one of our protected oak trees in California was cut down the other day on the recommendation of both the OCFA and two very questionable arborists reports. This was in my opinion a crime to cut this tree down. The details of it being cut down I am told will be forwarded to you by the OCFA chief within a few days.
The chief and I, however, differ greatly on this issue. He says it had to come down and I say it didn’t have to come down. I base my opinion on the fact that he first sent out a fire inspector to see if it presented a fire hazard to anyone. This inspector said it didn’t. A few days later, however, he dispatched another fire inspector at the behest of the golf club and the HOA to conduct a second inspection of the tree. This time, however, only a few weeks after the first inspection this new inspector came back with an entirely different assessment of the tree. He said it now needed to be cut down based on a very suspect new two week old arborist report that was virtually identical to the first arborist report done last July. Both were contrived, unprofessional and skewed toward cutting the tree down.
Now I don’t need to be a brain surgeon to figure out what happened here. Absent any common sense rules and regulations about evaluating our native oak trees by qualified arborists and obtaining a permit to cut them down the tree in question was cut down and destroyed in the middle of the night over the veterans Day holiday weekend without any county permit to do so.. This is patently wrong and needs to be addressed by the county board of supervisors.
Months before the Oak Tree was "declared dead":  Poisoned or Neglect?

Arbor Essence "sees no signs of life": From this, to......
.. this to get.....

To that end I am enclosing for your review and action a proposed Orange County Native tree preservation and removal ordinance, based on an ordinance in Walnut Creek  that I believe needs to be enacted as soon as possible. I say that because at the present time there are absolutely no laws or ordinances that protect our trees from being arbitrarily cut down and destroyed on a whim and on the contrived opinion of an unqualified unlicensed Arborist without an independent review and county permit. This is what happened in my case and if we don’t pass some laws and rules it will happen again. This is why I believe the city of Walnut Creek adopted their common sense tree ordinance. We now need to do the same.

An unobstructed  view - Pity the fools!

Kindly brought to you by:
CZ Master HOA board of directors:
Lyle Schlieder
Xochitl J. Yocham
Bob Varo
Robert Curran
Phil Mitchel

Keystone pacific
Vinnie Davis
Tracy Willaims
Carey Treff
Coto de Caza Club Corp
Mark Burnette VP club corp 
Joe Oliver club club corp
JR Rosenbluth
Coto golf & racquet club
Ken Holcomb
Tree service companies
Arnbor Essence Kerri Norman
Four Seasons Tree - Adam Heard

I would like to hear from you on this at your earliest convenience. Thank You.

William Kirkendale

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RIP: Majestic Coto de Caza Oak Tree

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Coto de Caza – Given that Coto de Caza’s CZ Master Association spends more than $1.5 million/year for landscapemaintenance, including two landscaping companies,  consultants, asophisticated irrigation system and a full time general manager, a logical conclusion is that any diseased and or dead oak tree in the community is mostly likely due to negligence, particularly when the  community went through an oak tree debacle when Lennar was cutting down  oak trees  to make room for the South Ranch.  See for example the CDC Oak  Tree Preservation Guidelines

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