Thursday, November 01, 2012

Secretary of Common Sense

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According to the Wall Street Journal,  " The brain trust behind President Obama's re-election campaign has a new idea, and what a revelation it is. A week from Election Day, Mr. Obama has disclosed to the voters that in a second term he'll create more private jobs by creating . . . one more government job.

Specifically, and all of a sudden, Mr. Obama wants a new Cabinet-level post that will be known as the Secretary of Business. "I've said I want to consolidate a whole bunch of government agencies," he said Monday, in a performance that captured his Presidency in miniature." -

However, our sources tell us that before before the  President would accept his brain trust's recommendations, he needed to first have a Cabinet Level position.  " it's a simple math problem "  he said.  " We must first have a Secretary of Common Sense."

To what Joe Biden responded.  "yes Mr. President, that is a big deal.  We need someone to make sense of all that jobs malarky"

According to our sources, the President's Jobs Council was so pumped at the prospects that other cabinet level positions are being considered, such as, Secretary of Bimbos, Secretary of Binders, Secretary of Bayonets and even a Secretary for Big Bird!

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