Saturday, November 03, 2012

Homeowner Associations in America today...dedicated community leaders or narcissistic tyrants and bullies?

By William Kirkendale

Is demanding you get approval to plant some pretty flowers  in your front yard the way you want to live? Is denying you the right to build your little daughter a  doll house in your back yard the way you want to live? Is  foreclosing on your house because you failed  to pay a $50 late fee  on your monthly dues bill the way you want to live? Is threatening and harassing you for complaining about the way your HOA is treating you the way you want to live? Is paying for people to constantly threaten and abuse you the way you want to live? And finally is being abused and bullied on a daily basis by out of control HOA board members the way you want to live? If you do want to live this way then go buy a house in a homeowner association controlled private development community. If you do this the two best days of your life will be the day you buy the house and the day you sell the house to get away from such HOA bullying and abuse.

So what kind of people run these HOA's? Well I can tell you one thing. They're not the kind of people you'd have over for dinner at your house any time soon. What most of them are are bullies and tyrants who are in love with their new found power and authority over you. They wouldn't know anything about fairness or decency if it bit them. These people all have Napoleonic complexes needed to show everyone they meet just how war like and powerful they are. Common sense and common decency go right out the door. And if you make them angry they will make your life miserable forever with all their threats and harassment. To them there is no middle ground. You are either one of their hallowed buddies or one of their most hated enemies.

When I think of HOA's and their management companies the word Narcissistic comes to mind. These people are not everyday hard working normal people. They are everyday abnormal people looking in the mirror all the time to see how great and beautiful they are. No there are no real redeeming social or moral values to these people..they lost those the day they became HOA board members and management company lackeys. If you are listening I want to wish all of you my utmost pity and very best wishes.

PART 1..

When you bought your house in one of these HOA controlled communities you were handed 500 pages of a document called your CCR's ....or in layman's term your rules and regulations on how you will  live and behave in your new community. What you don't know or realize however is that most of these rules are meant for only one thing. To take away your personal freedoms and homeowner rights so that a few  narcissistic HOA board members can harass and bully you into total submission to their will. 

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 These are not nice neighborly people you would want to befriend and have over to your house. These are for the most part pathological liars and bullies  out for only one thing in life. To prove to everybody how important and powerful they are.

At the same time you will be encountering all these HOA board people  you will also be introduced to your HOA management company. These are people who like to tell everybody how much they want to help and assist you to have a wonderful homeowner experience only to do just the opposite. In many ways these management company people are even worse than your HOA people. This is because the talent pool for hiring good employees for this job is very thin and because most of these people if they do have a job have been promoted up to their own level of incompetency (the Peter principle) This means that if you want to have an intelligent conversation with one of them it is virtually impossible to do so. 

Not only that but because these people have been given so much power and authority over you they too turn into dictatorial bullies and tyrants just like your HOA board members. Only with them they are not residents of the community they are outsiders who want to be residents but can't afford it. This then makes them jealous and angry with you because you can afford to live there but they can't. 

Oh my God what a combination. Jealous incompetent people telling you how to run your life..No thanks I'd rather take poison..

And finally all my fellow HOA friends you have to know about this little goodie you'll be subjected to. Board run Community security protection services. For the most part the security companies they hire are only there to run and control the gate entrances to your community. In some instances however they are hired to patrol your community to supposedly keep you safe. When this happens it is usually a total unmitigated disaster for the community. Why so? 

As you know most HOA board members are not nice people and are only interested in totally controlling your life. What better way to do this than hiring their own friends to patrol your streets and rule over you like Nazi Gestapo troops. I might add that these people they hire are usually good friends who owe them a big debt of gratitude for handing them over millions of dollars in no bid contracts. 

What makes this all the more unconscionable is that you as a homeowner pay substantial property tax dollars for local police and fire protection. Why then are you paying additional taxes in the way of homeowner dues to hire private security?

The answer  is Avarice and greed and HOA power to control your lives. The greed is on the part of the security company owners who pick your pockets every single  day for bogus promises of protection and security they never deliver. The only protection and security you'll ever  see is at the security company owners'  house parties they throw all the time for all their board member friends. 

The power to control your lives of course is the main staple of an HOA board. By hiring their own friends to provide security they come full circle in their narcissistic desires to run your lives. Give you tickets, tow your cars away if you've made board members angry and in general do absolutely nothing to give you the kind of protection and security you're paying millions of dollars for....that is unless you're a board member who wants to throw an elaborate party at his house. 

No my friends the light at the end of this abusive HOA tunnel is not the light of  someone being  neighborly and friend to you    but rather the light of continued harassment and bullying by people who would rather abuse you than help you.


 "I am beginning to think that Jim Harkins should be fired for even agreeing to write these unprecedented letters.  He should have a higher standard that money can't buy."  Joseph Morabito, political activist, entrepreneur and former direct CZ Master Association 



 I was jolted to a run by the sound of a saw out back, this morning and stood slack jawed at the scene of a 200 year old oak tree being sawed down.  My husband and I started to yell.  This is a mistake!

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