Friday, February 08, 2013

Laguna Wood's Third Boards Cronyism, Ethics and Quid pro quo!


FYI:  Up-date on Third Boards Cronyism, Ethics and Quid pro quo! 

I would like to thank the Third Directors who responded to my email, your input is much appreciated.

The question I asked of Third President Mike Straziuso and the entire Third Board was the following:  "Were you ever offered entertainment, event tickets, meals or anything else out of the ordinary day-to day business that was not offered PUBLICLY to every other director in every other corporation within LWV? Did you at any time accept any of the gifts offered?"

 President Straziuso, First V.P. Denise Welch and 2nd V.P. Marc Bayer have not responded, however from the responses I received (and they ran the gamut) from those Third directors who responded immediately, it is very clear that many directors were not included in this offer and they were extremely aware the offer and the behavior was and is Unethical.

I call on the Third Directors to deal with this egregious Violation of Ethics, in a strong, decisive and prudent manner and exercise whatever action necessary to ensure something like this never happens again!

Leadership must not be contaminated and "Laden With Gifts!"  Leaders participating in this manner, should no longer be leaders!

The people I serve represent the entire community and are not limited to just one Mutual!

Pamela Grundke 
Residents Voice
Team Leader

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