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The Crooks Who Stole Your House….


The Crooks Who Stole Your House….

The Inside Story of the Sub-prime Mortgage Crises…
By William Kirkendale

Former Loan Officer and

Author of
“The FICO Hoax”…
(Secrets of how Phony FICO Scores fueled the Mortgage Crises)





And how much did you say it cost all of us in dollars and cents? What’s that….


Now as everybody in America knows from 2008 thru 2013 the American people were being cheated and ripped off big time. That’s right Big Time. For millions of American’s they had their homes and life savings stolen from them by very evil and criminal people. These were the people I just mentioned above… Each and every one of these crooks had a hand in stealing your house. This book will go into how they all did that and why.


If there is one thing about this TRILLION DOLLAR sub-prime mortgage scam that you can take to the bank it’s this….. 100% of the blame for this  crises has NOT been directed at the guilty parties. …..No it’s been directed instead at the Nation’s mortgage loan officers only. . AND WHY IS THAT DO YOU SUPPOSE?  It’s really quite simple. First off It’s because all the Nation’s loan officers knew too much about all the criminality that went on as they were the ones on the front line…
*They knew all about the Credit score FICO scams the banks were using to jack up their interest rates and throw people into subprime loans.
*They knew all about the phony Appraisals the banks were using to inflate property values.
*They knew all about all the bribes politicians were taking from bank executives to keep their mouths shut about all the crimes they were engaged in.
*They knew all about all the No doc “Liar Loans” that the banks were allowing so they could speed through their mortgages as fast as they could to sell them to Wall Street investors..
*They knew that no one was regulating the mortgage business or the bankers at the time so they were all allowed to get away with murder…..and stealing your house.
Now how do I know all this? I know it because I was a loan officer during this time. I saw what went on and I watched as homeowners were getting ripped off left and right by these banking crooks. As a loan officer all I did was push papers. I didn’t do any underwriting. I didn’t do any loan approving. I didn’t use crooked appraisers like the banks did to inflate property values so their loans would fit the criteria. I didn’t engage in any “Liar Loan” scams. All of my clients had to prove their income and job status to me or else I wouldn’t turn in their loan applications.  I didn’t takes bribes from people to keep my mouth shut about all the improper activities I saw going on. I spoke up all the time about what I saw but no one listened.
I operated a clean honest loan business and because I did I was very successful as a loan officer. I had hundreds of clients who would swear by me and what I did for them to get them a good honest mortgage loan. Almost every loan I processed was an “A” paper loan for people who had good credit and an established income and job. I never went near any subprime Loans because I knew they were a rip-off on the homeowner. I also fought a long and hard battle against using what I believed were phony FICO scores to evaluate a person’s credit. To me they were nothing but a voodoo fraud operation for money.
So how did all these bankers and bank regulator crooks handle all the loan officers they were afraid would spill the beans on them and all the criminal activities they were involved in? This is what they did….They all got together with their crooked bribe taking politician friends Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd and got them to pass a law that would only point the finger of blame for this crises at the loan officers and no one else.
This became known as The Dodd-Frank Act which under its SAFE law provisions created an organized vicious witch hunt and smear campaign against all the Nation’s loan officers…..with the sole purpose of driving them out of the business never to be heard from again…They did this by passing the above mentioned SAFE act which then put into place what was called the NMLS program. And what was this NMLS program?
It was basically the foundation of a nationwide witch hunt and national registry of all the loan officer crooks in America. If you didn’t have an NMLS designation on your real estate license you were not allowed to be in the mortgage business at all. ….and if that wasn’t bad enough all these banker/regulator crooks made you take an expensive rigged and phony test if you ever wanted to be in the mortgage business again. No you were being branded as a criminal for life. This NMLS registry was like the sex offender registry the government keeps on child molesters. The only difference was this was a registry of loan officer mortgage molesters.
In this NMLS program nowhere is there any blame directed towards Barney Frank and Chris Dodd for taking bribes to shut up AND KEEP QUIET about all the Angelo Mozillo Countrywide VIP Loan fraud that was going on. Also Nowhere is there any blame placed upon all the bank regulators who TURNED A BLIND EYE TO ALL THE CORRUPTION THAT WAS GOING ON and did absolutely nothing to stop it…And nowhere is there any blame being placed on all the greedy bankers like Angelo Mozillo  who encouraged, participated in and profited from the crises.
No my friends this is a whitewash if I ever saw one. Blame everybody else who had only a minor role in the scam and give all the big shot  perpetrators and criminals who caused and profited off the scam a get out of jail free card. Well over my dead body will I allow that to happen. I AM AFTER ALL ONE OF THOSE LOAN OFFICERS ON THEIR WITCH HUNT HIT LIST….And I know enough about what went on to send all these criminals to jail for a long long time..

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