Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Questions for Laguna Woods Village HOA President


To Laguna Woods Village Third Mutual HOA President Mike Straziuso 

Good morning, Mike.
Got a few questions: 

1. Unfinished business:   agenda item 11(a) Entertain motion to Adopt Heat Source Replacement   Policy –Resolution (30- day resolution notification has been satisfied)
What is a 30 day notification?
2. New business:
    Item 12 (a ) Resolution (initial notification – must postpone to March to conform to 30-day notification)
    why must you postpone to March? Where is it written?
3. Please explain why  your finance director holds closed executive sessions. This is a no-no. Check  Davis/Stirling.
4.Please check Robert’s Rules. The Chairman cannot chair committees. The agenda item – indicates that you chair the Board Operating Rules Committee. Also GRF  committees,
5. General Manager’s Report. He should not update us  on ongoing GRF  projects. That report should be made by the M &C Director. The General Manager should stick to PCM Items. Example: management agreement. why is this discussed in an executive session? Also, how can you justify the huge increase in our monthly assessment?
Respectfully suggest that you an your Board read Civil Code sections 1357.100-150
It deals with Keeping the membership informed of new operating rules.
Have a nice day
Joe Fischler

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