Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Credit Report Crime Spree

William Kirkendale

An “Organized Crime” Spree….
Fraudulent & Criminal Credit Reporting Activities and Extortion Schemes  by the American Credit Reporting Industry.
William Kirkendale
Author of "The FICO Hoax"
As anyone who read my first book"The FICO Hoax", knows there is a totally out of control organized crime spree going on in the credit reporting and credit scoring industry today. No one it seems is safe from all the illegal strong-arm tactics andextortion schemes and fraudulent activities  that go on every day in this industry against unsuspecting American consumers..
These illegal and criminal organized crime like tactics and schemes range From......
***using phony voodoo worthless FICO scores that no one in America understands as the basis for banks and credit card companies  to illegally jack  up a person’s rightful interest rate......
***to using illegal  extortion schemes and strong-arm tactics to force people into paying disputed and unproven medical bills they don't owe.....
This organized crime mentality is being  used on American consumers every day  mainly because there are no  rules and regulations to oversee and regulate this industry. Why? Because while there are some misguided rules in place  that no one follows they are well over 40 years old with no improvements or reforms in sight.....So in today’s modern computer age society these rules that do exist  are totally worthless.
As a result of all this criminal fraud and lack of regulation and oversight this is now an industry that acts and behaves 100% like organized crime. No rules, no regulations… just do as you please with no constitutional rights and civil
liberties available to protect you from harm. You can be libeled and slandered at anytime at the drop of a hat with no way to defend yourself against their many

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