Friday, April 27, 2007

CZ Master Association Alleged Corruption and Malfeasance

CZ Master Association Alleged Corruption and Malfeasance

By Joseph Morabito, Former CZ Master Association Board Member

April 20, 2007

Responding to a Coto Discussion Forum, Mr. Morabito writes:

Hello All: Since Dave asked me to be specific concerning Varo/Mezger corruption and malfeasance, I thought I would provide a list as follows:

Election manipulation to deny a candidate a board seat when Larkin resigned just one week after the last election. Varo/Mezger knew very well that Larkin had relocated. They did this to manipulate an appointment rather than an elected board member.
The Oakview/Oakknoll Gate issue. The Varo/Mezger CZ Board is ignoring a legal agreement that was a condition of development breaching our security and exposing our Members to unnecessary liability.
Firing the CHP with nothing to replace them when the speeding problem was well documented. The end result was two tragic deaths on our streets during the time period we had no pro-active traffic patrols in Coto.
Subsidizing various outside groups with CZ dues money.
Selling Mezger’s wife’s services at our expense at our gates.
Varo endorsing a political candidate as President of CZ.
Hiding the true cost to maintain the Sports Park .
Hiring an Executive Director placing CZ in the employment practice litigation chain which includes the reporting relationship to the board.
Failing to properly use competitive processes to buy goods and services.
Using the Association attorney in an attempt to silence critics.
Lying about bringing Sheriff’s services into Coto which never were going to happen.
All the games with Committees.
The Welcome Home Center Assessment fiasco when there never was a deal.
The “Free Trees” that actually cost $45,000.
The recent silly study at our expense to determine that we pay taxes.
Using high priced Consultants instead of lower priced staff i.e. a Landscaping Supervisor that has always been assigned to us by the property manager until Varo/Mezger.
Involvement with CotoCAN including having a Keystone employee act as Activities Coordinator at our expense exposing CZ to liability.
Involving CZ in a serious lawsuit specific to one of the accidents on our streets.
Dave, it is late in Portugal ; but if I sleep on it, I am sure I can add to this list. Joe Morabito

Even though all these items have been previously discussed in the Coto Discussion Forum, Jerry Mezger asks for clarification from Mr. Morabito, and get it:

Jerry: YES! YES! YES! Has it taken you all these e-mails over many months to figure out that I and others are accusing you and Varo of Malfeasance that is actionable? Both of you should have been impeached long ago for the many reasons that have been cited on numerous occasions. I am in Spain now and too tired to go over the whole list of your actions that constitute Malfeasance and violation of fiduciary responsibility to represent the interests of CZ Members. Read the list I recently e-mailed to Dave and/or go back two or more years and read all my e-mails to refresh your memory or better yet, I will put another e-mail together with the list just before the next election for all to see. Joe Morabito


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