Friday, April 27, 2007

More Homeowner Association Financial Audit Irregularities

More Homeowner Association Financial Audit Irregularities

April 27, 2007

Marina and Coto and other HOA residents may benefit from the GRF ooking at independent financial audits.

Following are excerpts of a letter sent April 25, 2007 to a committee formed by Golden Rain Foundation president George Porlock to look into alleged mis-use of credit cards by property managing company PCM employees:

“ We all may have aged but we are not stupid. ..

The Association of Certified Fraud Auditors found detecting fraud in homeowners association is less likely to be detected by audit. For example, Detection of 46 percent of fraud in small business was detected by accident or whistleblower than through an internal audit. The bad guys know the tricks and we must probe the community to come up with whistleblower evidence for conviction.

We have some very professional and dedicated people to help you in solving your credit card puzzle. We have contacted (Feb. 07) the Treasury Department Internal Investigation Department to investigate credit card embezzlement and the illegal sale of Leisure World property.

There is a reason we as a nonprofit corporation do not have to pay millions of dollars in taxes. PCM has put Leisure World in a position to lose our exempt status for some greedy PCM employees.

We cannot accept responsibility for PCM credit card charges it violates 501 ( c ) 3 Conflict of Interest corporate codes.

George Portlock says,” This what the other boards did in the past and I just followed the same procedure.” We estimate over one million dollars in credit card charges have been made. This arrogance and deceit is overwhelming. You honorable directors can bring back our trust in this community. Please be diligent and help us clean our house before we lose our exempt status.


Laguna Woods Residents Outraged by Use of Credit Cards Issued to Property Manager Employees! Concerned Residents Speak Up About Fiscal Mismanagement
A group of concerned Laguna Woods residents got together April 5, 2007 at the clubhouse tonight to discuss a number of issues including mis-information, intimidation and fiscal mismanagement. There was even talk of the Orange County District Attorney...

Homeowner Association (HOA) Lawyer Factoids
The Davis-Stirling Act is a part of the California Civil Code. In the Davis-Stirling Act:The term "attorney fees" is codified/mandated: 22 times.The term "homeowner" is merely mentioned: 3 timesIs it any wonder that we see so many stupid lawyer...

More HOA Micromanaging - Of Correa, Kingston, CAI and Corrupt Politicians.
When the governor signed legislation to bring direct elections to Homeowner?s associations such as the CZ Master Association, the president of the board called this legislation ?micro-management?, and proceeded to ignore the spirit and the law.

From Safety Committee to Committee to Turn Coto de Caza Into a City - Overview
This brief starts with the firing of a volunteer (early 2006) Public Safety Chairperson for her refusal to give up her free speech rights and promote Coto for city, before public safety.The president of the CZ Master Association board promises to fire...

Direct Democracy in Coto de Caza? CVSC an object lesson in direct democracy
California is arguably the leading direct-democracy state in the US - just look at Sacramento.Yet, even when the state legislature mandates direct elections for Common Interest Developments such as the CZ Master Association, AND we propose the...

When is a Homeowner Association Committee not a Committee?
More than 85 cents of every CZ dues dollar goes to either the gardener or the private security guard. Regularly either the OC Register, the CZ newsletter or the CZ president?s letter extol the virtues of the gardener, the private security guard or the...

CZ Master Association Waste of Money - Letter to Pat Bates by Joseph Morabito, former member CZ Master Association BOD
Sergio: As Supervisor Bates representative, I am writing you as a long time Coto resident and former CZ Board Member to complain about Supervisor Bates agreeing to

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