Saturday, April 28, 2007

How many times must the CZ safety committee be formed before it can be called an association committee?

How many times must the CZ safety committee be formed before it can be called an association committee?

April 28, 2007

A 2006 CZ newsletter proudly announces that the “CZ Master Association Champions Public Safety Committee”,

During 2006 general CZ board meetings, the board appoints a chairman and various public safety committee members.
A 2007 CZ stupid lawyer letter states the safety committee is not an association committee

The May 2007 CZ Presidents letter refers to the “recently formed public safety committee …undertaking the task of defining and drafting Emergency Preparedness plans and programs”

All this after the first two traffic fatalities in the history of the community.

All this after the highest crime and vandalism rate in the community.

All this after the Sheriff mounted units have been deployed to patrol the horse trails and the private security guards help kids cross the streets and the CHP patrol hours dropped from 150/month to only 50/month!

As Joe Morabito might ask: Who is minding the CZ public safety store?

How many times must the CZ Safety committee be formed, before it can be called a CZ association committee? The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind, the answer is in the corrupt CZ election process!

Does anyone know if there is a Safety Committee? If so, who is on it? Who is the Chairman or Chairwoman? If the Committee exists, what is their function? Do they report to the Board on a regular basis with recommendations? Does the right hand know what the left hand is doing? Or as Costello once said to Abbott, “Who is on first”? Perhaps, Jerry Mezger or another CZ Board Member can answer these questions. This topic certainly should not be very controversial! ! JM

For what is worth, the “safety committee” recently replaced the CotoCan committee in the CZ website days ago, – as shown below:

Not significantly different from the one announced by the CZ board in 2006.

Public Safety Committee - Chair: Phil Mitchell; Members: Kurt Vasentine, Bill Bushek, Yo Orduno, Andrea Owen, Mike Channing, Gary Markowitz, John Walsh, Elizabeth Zipperman – as shown in the CZMaster.Org as of April, 2007.

Unless we get an explanation from the board, we are assuming the stupid lawyer letter stating the safety committee is not an association committee refers to the one above. Buzz

So there is a Safety Committee? What are they in business to do? Has the CZ Board that appointed them given them a charter? Is there to be some report within some period of time or is this just another “Feel Good” exercise. Look the reality is that we probably need double the number of CHP hours that we currently contract for because the original 40 hours a week that was purchased by the Glisson/Rose Boards was before we took over the rest of South Ranch. So we now probably need 80 hours a week. And, rather than have the Sheriff patrolling horse trails, the sheriff should be patrolling our streets. Gosh what a common sense idea? Further, maybe we should have Neighborhood Watch in Coto. The Sheriff’s Department will come in for free to help set that up. Finally, we have many bad curves and dangerous blind spots on Vista Del Verde that need some attention, caution signs, mirrors etc. So, what else does the Safety Committee have to talk about? JM

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