Thursday, April 19, 2007

The end of a Prostituting,.. err Paraphrase Era?

The end of a Prostituting,.. err Paraphrase Era?

April 19, 2007

Prior to the arrival of Melissa Jones to the Orange County Register as City editor, we had extensive discussions with Lyn Montagna (Jones’ predecessor) on the type of responsible community journalism needed for Coto de Caza.

We collaborated with one of Montagna’s reporters, Matthew Green, often. Admittedly he did not enjoy the same access to the CZ Master Association Board of Directors as other OCR reporters, but his work was always well researched and the content balanced. We have yet to see this type of reporting since. What we have gotten instead, is a Varo/Mezger (CZ board of directors) cheerleading squad.

Mark Eades’ (current OCR reporter) predecessor, expressed an interest in delivering such balanced reporting, but we warned her that “is a cost-benefit issue. If you indeed present a balanced view of the issues, ½ of the residents will be on your side. The other ½ will be against you. However, 100% of the residents will know you are honest, ethical and trustworthy. And more than likely, this position may not be consistent with the Register’s management views” – she moved to another position shortly thereafter.

Since then Eades’ “reporting” has been often “paraphrased”, by deed or omission – consider that the tragic death of Mr. Morteza Manian has never been mentioned by the CanyonLife!

So, now that the Jones’ era as the CanyonLife City editor is over, (taken over by Theresa Cisneros), is this the end of a paraphrase era as well?


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