Thursday, March 13, 2008

Coto de Caza Elections Redux

Coto de Caza Elections Redux

March 13, 2008

The CZ Board absolutely should implement a Do Over for the direct popular election amendment during the next regular Board election cycle in May to avoid a costly court case that CZ will lose because they will be defending the indefensible. Think of it. The bulldog litigator that I will hire will be arguing that CZ is a quasi-city and that our Board is really more like a city council. Once that is established, we will demonstrate all the ways that our Delegate system is corrupt. I can even testify as to how I manipulated the process when I ran for the Board. We will speak to proper checks and balances. And, finally, we will argue that all we are asking for is the same voting rights that exist outside our gates demonstrating that our governing documents were designed by the developer specifically to disenfranchise our Members. This case will be a piece of cake.

CZ’s attorney, perhaps Harkins; but I doubt it since he is not a litigator will be arguing to support the same corrupt system that exists in Communist China, Vietnam and Cuba that disenfranchises our members and has been used by one group or another for years to manipulate our Board elections. We will subpoena all former Board Members to discuss how they were elected and all the documents that go with past elections. I just don’t see how it is possible to defend the indefensible when we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan to bring them voting rights that we don’t have in Coto. What could the argument possibly be for preventing direct popular elections in CZ?

What California liberal judge (all of them) is going to rule against democracy? CZ will lose after spending a lot of money on legal fees. Of course, we will demand that my legal fees be covered as well. If we can get away with it, we will even ask for punitive damages because my rights have been intentionally violated for years. Who knows, this could turn into a multi million dollar contingency case; after all this is California . So, the Board needs to implement a Do Over to avoid these legal fees. This amendment was overwhelmingly approved by any standard. The CZ Board needs to listen to the will of the people not Bob Varo who should be recalled from office. Joseph Morabito, former member CZ board of directors.

P.S. Now that I see the potential for contingency; maybe I will contact the guy who did our street construction defect case. He was a real animal.

Hi Joe:

The argument not only has merit, but it should be done using the Harkins' proposed "amendment that provided for true direct elections without any Delegate involvement" , and without payola to loyalist - that is, extend delegate terms for instance.

There should also be an explanation from the board as to why such proposal was rejected in the first place.

I absolutely agree. The DO OVER in May should just involve the Direct Popular Election Amendment written in plain language not to confuse the issue. If it passes, the Delegate term will become irrelevant anyway. The Home Office Amendment is a waste of time and will only lead to litigation. We should leave well enough alone on that issue and just use “Don’t ask, Don’t tell related to home offices. JM

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