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No Apathy in Coto de Caza - Right?

No Apathy in Coto de Caza - Right?

March 15, 2008

Who said CZ Masters Association (Coto de Caza) residents are apathetic? As of last count only 6 out of 46 CZ districts representing some 10% of the voting units, do not have delegates. These districts include The Legacy/Enclave/Stonefield Estates, Andalusia, Oak Ridge, Glen Eagles and Stonefield Private Collection/San Marino

Whereas five districts, representing some 13% of the voting units not only have a district delegate, but also have an alternate – these are: Coto Country Homes, Los Verdes, Hillsboro, Fairway Estates, Greystone Villas, Rosewood

What is the function of a CZ District Delegate? Only to elect a board of directors and to recall a board of directors. View a CZ District Delegate as a Democratic Super Delegate: Delegates can vote any way they wish, in secret, with absolutely not accountability!

We know of a number of absentee titleholders who are interested in voting, but so far have received little to no information on what the process is.

We continue to maintain that in order to combat CZ resident apathy is to obliterate the district delegate system, which provides a small minority, the opportunity to manipulate, legally and otherwise, any election, yielding a community exposed to the whims of that minority – who want to turn Coto into a city and continue socialist agendas, for example. Better yet, consider the results of the recent election (poorly) designed by the CZ board, allegedly to bring direct popular election:


70% of CZ members who voted support Direct Popular Elections, and

69% of Delegates who voted support Direct Popular Elections and

Allegedly, the majority on the Board supports Direct Popular Elections, yet, what happened? Direct Popular Elections amendment failed!

We strongly suggest that if you want to bring direct popular elections to the CZ master association, that you contact your neighbors and ask them to volunteer for district delegate, particularly in those districts without representation, and even those without an alternate – of course, it is better these potential candidates support direct popular elections: Remember, voting for a district delegate at the moment, may seal the fate of direct popular elections, at least for the next elections cycle. The Reason: Because delegates are not accountable to anyone!

CZ Master Association District Delegates: 1007-2008




1 / 53 votes

Ranchos Colinas (sub-association)

Steve Masler

2 / 107 votes

The Forest/Tiara/The Arbours/Lyon

George Thagard

3 / 120 votes

The Terrace (sub-association)

Ronald Goulden

4 / 39 votes

Grand Coto II

John Smead

5 / 77 votes

Coto Country Homes

Darrell Starnes

Alternate: Don Joynt

6 / 72 votes

Fairway Oaks (sub-association)

Karen Martin

7 / 113 votes

East Hills/East Point

Robert Alberts

8 / 72 votes

Los Verdes (sub-association)

Marilyn Carrabino

Alternate: Marc Coody

9 / 92 votes


Xochitl Yocham

10 / 128 votes


Andrea Owen

11 / 43 votes

The Trails/Master Collection

Terry Corwin

12 / 50 votes


Corey Ferguson

13 / 121 votes


Steve Zipperman

Alternate: Joseph Aguirre

14 / 93 votes

The Greens

Debbie White

15 / 100 votes

The Woods/Arroyo Sur

Roy Allen

16 / 62 votes

Fairway Estates

Peter Roth Alternate: Gary Garofolo

17 / 62 votes


Preston Walrath

19 / 90 votes

The Classics

Andrew Holzmann

20 / 94 votes


Lyle Schlieder

21 / 58 votes

Canyon Estates

Robert Curran

22 / 26 votes

The Legacy/Enclave/Stonefield Estates


23 / 71 votes

The Pinnacle

Arlene Kraft

24 / 61 votes

Greystone Villas (sub-association)

Don Wegner

Alternate: Joel Hillabrant

25 / 104 votes

Andalusia (sub-association)


26 / 82 votes

Oak Ridge


27 / 106 votes


Steve Foster

28 / 56 votes

Glen Eagles


29 / 88 votes


Bill Bushek

30 / 64 votes


Bob Grich

31 / 89 votes

Grand Coto Estates/Part of Atherton/Part of Weatherly

Lea Ann Miller

32 / 52 votes

Part of Southern Hills/Fairway Reflections

Jerry Scanlan

33 / 90 votes


Wolfgang Greinke

34 / 74 votes

Crooked Oak

Elaine Hamill

35 / 49 votes


Terry Kwit

36 / 68 votes

Part of Atherton/Part of Weatherly

William Linas

37 / 67 votes

Southern Hills Encore

Vincent Hylka

38 / 65 votes


Nick Newsom

39 / 74 votes

Silver Creek

Mary Spicer

40 / 77 votes


Tracy Fortier, Alternate: Dell Kopper

41 / 81 votes

Spring Hill/Chatham

Joan Walters

42 / 69 votes

Stonefield Private Collection/San Marino


43 / 81 votes

Oak Knoll

Su Walcher

44 / 97 votes

Oak View

Mitch Hill

45 / 62 votes

Terra Vida

Michael Lane

46 / 75 votes

Valle Vista

Bob Varo

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