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Driving Citations Up – Local media analysis of CHP Report

Driving Citations Up – Local media analysis of CHP Report

March 29, 2008

After years of neglect, the local media is picking up on CHP data – must be the “deliverance effect” – that is, no more local reality TV

“I think we have more people who are older with children. If the moms and dads are busy, they are going fast. If they are not busy, they are slowing down”, the local media reports, after noting that drivers over 40 received more citations, that those younger than 21.

Years ago when a certain CZ board member blamed the increase of traffic accidents on Coto soccer moms, we identified the GRUP Syndrome, also known as the Michael Jackson, or Peter Pan Syndrome – the refusal of certain populace to grow up.

At the time, we also noted that simply rattling off figures during a general CZ board meeting is useless, even if the board is now reporting CHP data, unless there is an element of CLCA – Closed Loop Corrective Action. In other words, what is the report saying? Is there a corrective action needed? Who is to follow up? – if questions such as these are not asked, then perhaps the data should not even be collected. At least the local media seems to be trying.

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Looking ahead to 2008 – Deliverance for Coto de Caza2008 promises to be some sort of deliverance for Coto de Caza and the canyons – as in the 1972 movie Deliverance, a motion picture drama starring Burt Reynolds, Ronny Cox, Jon Voight, and Ned Beatty and directed by John Boorman- so appear to claim local community journalists.

Grup City – Coto de Caza......Of Peter Pan, Grups and Coto d Caza As the Coto de Caza board of directors controlled by Varo/Mezger/Hill continue to handle public safety as a Tar Baby, it is only appropriate to consider a tag line for Coto de Caza once Varo/Mezger/Hill accomplish their goal of turning Coto into a City. The one that best describes the community is Grup City:

Scrutiny of Community Journalists
The question is, what type of community journalism are you getting from your local reporter(s)? Community journalism can be viewed as a form of reporting news and information for a certain geographic area, with the purpose to serve the best interests of...

Coto de Caza Collision Statistics 4Q2007 - was not a good quarter!
The last quarter of 2007 was chthonic anent traffic collisions in Coto de Caza. While the community enjoyed a significant dip during the third quarter, the fourth quarter recorded a total of 8 collisions, three of them DUI-related, not unlike the one...

Details of DUI Lawsuit earns opprobrium for CZ directors
As details of a DUI- related accident start to emerge a crescendo to a steady buildup in calls for a CZ director to step down is being reached. The case in question (05CC02855) involves a traffic accident that occurred September 22, 2004 at the...

Coto de Caza DUI Collision Lawsuit Notes
Case No 05CC02855 involves a traffic accident that occurred September 22, 2004 at the intersection of Vista del Verde and Mackenzie Lane (undisputed fact). The defendant was visiting Coto de Caza as a guest of Coto de Caza Gold Club, having earlier...

Coto de Caza DUI Collision (Skendarian) Lawsuit Settlement
According to court records filed in Superior Court in Orange County dated November 28, 2006, the Skendarian lawsuit settlement worked out includes:

Coto de Caza: 4Q2007 Crime and Vandalism Flash Report
The CZ Board will not do it - Here is to you Coto Dad - keep it up! The bad news is that the 3Q2007 flash crime and vandalism report showed a troubling upward trend, particularly when crime and vandalism rate per capita in Coto de Caza was twice that...

Former Haidl, Jaramillo Defense Attorney JG Cavallo Goes to Jail
According to the OCDA, defense attorney Joseph Gerard Cavallo, 52, Irvine, was sentenced today to six months in jail after pleading guilty on October 12, 2007 to three felony counts for conspiring to engage in attorney capping and an illegal attorney...

CHP Officer Arrested, Held on $4 million Bail at the Orange County Jail.
According to the Orange County District Attorney (OCDA), the OCDA and Santa Ana Police Department, in cooperation with the California Highway Patrol (CHP), arrested Joshua Blackburn, a CHP officer and recovered several kilograms of cocaine that had been...

Coto's Dads Take Matters Into Own Hands, Get A+: CHP Collision Report, 3Q2007- Kudos Coto Moms & Dads for doing what the CZ BOD refused to even consider!
The 3Q2007 CHP collision figures just received from the CHP show a quarterly collision level (on an annualized basis) comparable to the levels the Coto de Caza community experienced prior to expulsion of the CHP by the CZ Master Association board of...

Coto de Caza's Dangerous Curves-Around 75% of the accidents within Coto de Caza happen in three of Coto?s main roads as shown below: Coto de Caza Drive, Vista del Verde and San Miguel
October 8, 2007The 3Q2007 CHP collision statistics, clearly demonstrate that even though CHP patrol hours are down some 60% compared to 2006, and there is no coordinated safety awareness program such as the one proposed by CHP?s Captain Elzig, the...

The Maturing of Coto de Caza-Coto de Caza is no longer GRUP City!
Age distribution in the crime & vandalism and collision statistics for Coto de Caza, indicate that an underage person is as likely to be involved in a crime or collision within Coto, as is a senior citizen. This fact has led us to the conclusion that...

Dangerous Coto de Caza Roads and Intersections
The changing Coto de Caza demographics have had a major impact on the collision pattern as shown below. Whereas for the period from 2000 through November 2004, 75% of the collisions in the community involved three roads, current collision distribution...

The Sheriff is coming, the Sheriff is Coming! ? CZ Board to old tricks again?X
?I reviewed the 3Q2007 statistics and it definitely shows patrols work, said CHP Spokesperson Christopher Goodwin?, when asked what he thought about the most recent collision statistics.
Consistent with the output of the River Rock Muti-Purpose...

Coto & Ladera - 3Q2007 Crime and Vandalism report - A Tale of two cities
The latest Orange County Sheriff's crime and vandalism data shows a marked contrast between the communities of Coto de Caza and Ladera Ranch:

Coto de Caza's River Rock Multi-Purpose Forecasting System In Beta Test
To complement the current CZ Master Association controller upgrade, we commissioned a very expensive multi- use forecasting systems to either complement or replace the current irrigation system. Without major changes, the system can be repurposed to...

Teen Hacker Endangers Lake Forest Couple
According to the Orange County DA, Randall Ellis, 19, Mulkiteo, WA, is charged with one felony count of computer access and fraud, two felony counts of false imprisonment by violence, one misdemeanor count of falsely reporting a crime, and two felony...

The Chief's Corner, or the Chief in a Corner?- Chiefly, Mum is the Word on Coto de Caza Public Safety Awareness
CHP?s chief Elzig actively promotes public awareness in order to prevent traffic accidents (she refers to traffic accidents as preventable incidents) ? The Varo/Mezger CZ board of directors instead of allowing her to send a public safety awareness message.

CZ Master Association - Varo & Mezger Should NOT Be Re-elected - 11 Reasons As a former CZ Board Member and concerned citizen, I can say without condition that Bob Varo and Jerry Mezger should not be re-elected to the CZ Board because they do not understand the foundation concepts of Board Member fiduciary responsibility, ethical behavior and conflict of interests

The CotoBuzz Journal May 2007
CHP in Coto - Big Mouth CZ Bob- By Joseph Morabito, former member CZ Master Association Board of DirectorsHello All: I have heard that CHP officers are not volunteering to work in Coto even for the time and a half pay they would earn. So, we are not even...

The Enemy in Coto de Caza's Midst - The CHP!
Considering the history of Coto de Caza, Can you name all the service providers that have been on a quarterly review (rather than yearly review) ? to make sure the service it provides is acceptable? Can you name the members of the board of directors when...

The Varo anti-CHP Sentiment continues: CHP GO HOME, KEEP OUT OF OUR DUIs!
The Coto de Caza gates, including the automated ones are as reliable as the public utilities in the outskirts of Baghdad, yet the association continues paying for services barely-rendered, no questions asked.

Rhianna Six Month’s Anniversary Mr. Manian’s Three Month’s Anniversary
It has been six months since Rhianna Woolsey died (December 7, 2005) in the first traffic fatality in Coto de Caza in the last ten years. Sadly, this week also marks the Three Month Anniversary of Mr. Morteza Manian’s death, as he was struck by a...

The May 2006 CHP statistics for Coto de Caza is consistent with the Coto de Caza board of director’s inaction with regards to public safety: These show an accident rate rapidly approaching the record-breaking 2005 that lead to the first traffic...

Deliverance – the Coto de Caza District Delegate Committee Movie
In an incestuous move reminiscent of the movie Deliverance, Varo/Mezger/Hill, have done what they refused to do with Coto residents concerned with public safety: use association funds to promote their self-preservation:

Bicycle Safety Within Coto de Caza
During the June 8, 2006 Coto de Caza board meeting Yo Orduno described a public safety situation in the Summerfield district including a warning about an increase of rush hour cyclists in and around Vista Del Verde, some even riding pairwise making the...

First 2006-2007 Coto de Caza Board of Directors Meeting, Standing Room Only! …and Coto de Caza’s Tar Baby
The first 2006-2007 Coto de Caza Board of Directors Meeting, can best be described as standing-room only, with the local media well represented. A political junkie would have felt right at home, as you could sense the excitement, the energy and the...

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