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Coto de Caza Governance - An Illustration of Parasitic Bureaucracies

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Coto de Caza , CA - Vicentia Davis, on behalf of the Coto de Caza governance, aka the CZ Master Association board of directors is requesting comments from residents to a proposed rule change to restrict parking of recreational vehicles in the community,  by no later than June 10, 2010:  Our comment in one word?  Pathetic

For months we have been warning politicians and anyone who wants to listen about California’s Triple Threat:  1)  Unions, 2)  Parasitic Bureaucracies (merely unregistered, tax-funded lobbyists, such as LAFCO and CLRC for example) and 3) Lobbyists

The latest Coto de Caza proposed rule change is an example of 2) above:  Let me explain:  The association is wasting residents' money by promoting cityhood because in the words of director Bob Varo, CZ residents could get more services from the county, such as Sheriff services.  However, there is no accountability for OCSD  services:  wit the $8.5 million paid to the county by Rancho Santa Margarita  for Sheriff services:  No one in the state, county and or city can tell you if the city is getting its money’s worth – only that the money was spent. At the moment, the city pays some $134  per capita for Sheriff services, while CZ residents pay less than $4.00 for public safety.

Then there are the $3 million/year in subsidies the CZ Master  Association pays so that free-loaders  can enjoy the “Coto lifestyle,” not to mention the latest initiative to build a  Dog Park for Desperate and Lazy Pet Owners

Now consider that the association pays some $1.7 million per year for gate control, parking violations and courier services (the board routinely use the private security company as its personal courier).  What do residents get in return?  Tons of restrictions for residents – NOT for non-residents.  Non residents come and go as they please – free.  Residents are suffering a death from 1,000 restrictions.  Now, the association is proposing yet a new rule change!  Why?  So residents are restricted even more, while finding excuses to keep spending on gate control – to control residents.  Priceless, or Pathetic.  We think it is patently Pathetic!

Calif Public Employees Retirement System Board Member Charged W Fraud
LOS ANGELES, CA- The California Attorney General (AG) today announced that the AG's office has filed a civil suit against former California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) Board Member Alfred Villalobos, his company ARVCO Capital, and former CalPERS CEO Federico Fred Buenrostro, charging them with fraud
Of Parasitic Bureaucracies
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - We plan to update this page from time to time - so stay tuned, or send us suggestion,We continue to assert that California’s Triple Threat is choking off California: 1) Unions, 2) Lobbyist and 3) Parasitic bureaucracies. In the past, we have discussed the California Law Revision Commission (CLRC), the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO), and the Air Quality Board (AQB) as an example of parasitic bureaucracies.

The EEOC Says we are wrong – Criminals Deserve Jobs Too.
When clients ask us to suggest a cyber security plan, we start out with a number of questions, such as: Do you know about the $1,000 fence for the $1.00 horse? Who is the enemy? The answer usually leads us to the What and the Why of the final proposal. Turns out that some 70-90% of all security breaches are directly linked to insiders. These and other fact lead us to include a recommended best business hiring process, which includes a background check on potential employees, particularly those who may be chartered with guarding the aforementioned horse.

CAL. AG Lobbies US Senate - Refuses to join in Challenge to Constitutionality of HCR
LOS ANGELES, CA - As a financial reform package advances in the Senate and an unrelenting swarm of Wall Street lobbyists descends on Capitol Hill to block it, Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. today urged senators to preserve a critical portion of the legislation which allows states to join the fight against financial fraud on the front line. At the same time, as a number of Attorneys General and Governors accross the country swarm to challenge the constitutionality of the ObamaCare Bill, Brown refuses to join mostly because doing so politicizes the issue.

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