Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jay La Suer For San Diego County Sheriff Gets Nod from Vista Tea Party

Posted by CotoBlogzz 05-13-2010 03:00 PM

The Vista Tea Party has endorsed former number two at the Sheriffs Department Jay La Suer as Republican Party candidate for San Diego County Sheriff in the June 8, 2010 primary election because “ We believe Jay is exactly what We the People need,” according to a press release.  La Suer is past 77th AD assemblyman and a 10-year member of the La Mesa City Council.

America’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio has also endorsed La Seur, while Jim Duffy, son of a late former sheriff and the former head of the Deputy Sheriffs Association, seems to be getting lukewarm support from the union.  Last month, the union , voted  to spend a paltry $3,000 on Duffy’s  campaign, which had already fallen behind Sheriff Bill Gore in fundraising.

The Vista Tea Party is a self-described community organization of the Tea Party movement  dedicated to:

        1)    Returning constitutional government to our republic;
        2)    Returning to fiscal sanity and reducing the national debt;
        3)    Limiting the power and influence of special interests;
        4)    Ending the man-made California water crisis;
        5)    Supporting our soldiers and securing our borders;
        6)    Preserving free access to news and information, and
        7)    Championing issues central to our freedom, liberty and 

According to the press release, the rationale for the group’s endorsement is that  “Our county is sinking in debt. Our county’s approach to illegal immigration defies common sense. Our approach to law enforcement needs fundamental reformation. Jay is the only candidate that addresses these issues the way “We the People” need them addressed and that is why we are endorsing him,” and goes on to state that  Jay LaSuer’s victory is assured because:

· Integrity is more important than money,
· We need a leader in law enforcement,
· We need to solve the enforcement of our immigration laws, and
· “We the People” have decided that we need rational leadership more than we need our feelings spared from reality.

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