Friday, May 28, 2010

Presidential Reasoning: As gleaned from today's Golf Spill Press Conference

Posted by CotoBlogzz 05-28-2010

According to the president, the BP Golf Spill is a man-made disaster and "The Buck stops here.  We are in charge 24X7.   All the resources required are being deployed.  This is the most important issue for us. Going forward, in making decisions, not all of these will work and will even be subject to the law of unintended consequences.  But we are here and will listen to anyone who has ideas – but only if the ideas can be shown to work."

1.    Since the BP oil spill is a man-man disaster, that means that if and when the Attorney General is questioned again as to whether he sees any links between the recent man made disasters and radical Islam, he again may say "I do not know":  Recent man-made disasters:  1) Nidal Hassan's Ft Hood Massacre.  2) Christmas Day Underwear Incident.  3) Time Square Scare. 4)  BP Oil Spill
2.  According to the President, the administration can make mistakes, but you must show your ideas  will work before the administration will even consider them

3.  According to the President, the oil spill has been the most important issue for him, unless there is a fundraiser in San Francisco, for instance.

4.   All the resources required being deployed, with the possible exception of the ones requested by Governor Jindal

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