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Wagner, Former Anaheim PD Convicted of Victimizing Women While On Duty

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SANTA ANA, CA - Bradley Stewart Wagner, a former police officer for the Anaheim Police Department (APD) was convicted today of victimizing three women while on duty in a marked police patrol car.  Bradley Stewart Wagner, 62, Perris, pleaded guilty to two felony counts for Jane Doe #1, one felony  for Jane Doe #2, and one felony count of false imprisonment by violence or deceit and one misdemeanor count of being an officer acting without regular process for Jane Doe #3. Wagner faces a sentence of four years in state prison at his sentencing on July 14, 2010

Jane Doe #1
Shortly after midnight on Nov. 11, 2005, Wagner turned on his overhead lights and pulled Jane Doe #1 over on Kramer Boulevard while on-duty in a marked patrol car. The victim,  was driving home alone from work in her van and pulled over in a parking lot.

Wagner instructed Jane Doe #1 to move her van,  leading her to a dark, secluded industrial area. He had Jane Doe #1 get out of her van, and molested her. He t finally released the victim as she began to vomit.

Jane Doe #1 reported the assault the following day to APD. As a result of media coverage on this case, two additional victims came forward. None of the three victims know each other or the defendant.

Jane Doe #2
Between Oct. 31, 2005, and Nov. 5, 2005, Wagner pulled over Jane Doe #2 on two occasions while on-duty in a marked patrol car. The second time Jane Doe #2 was pulled over, Wagner had the victim follow him into a secluded alley behind a business. Wagner  let her go after she resisted his advances and agreed to meet him the following night. The victim did not return to meet the defendant.

Jane Doe #3
Between Sept. 1, 2005, and Nov. 10, 2005, Wagner pulled over Jane Doe #3 on four occasions while on-duty in a marked patrol car. The defendant asked the victim personal questions, including whether she was married or had children, and let her go each time without writing her a ticket.         

Deputy District Attorney Lynda Fernandez is prosecuting this case.

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