Sunday, May 23, 2010


Too Big to Fail - Government’s term for big, inefficient and badly mismanaged companies

Monopoly  - Governments term for big, highly efficient companies such as Microsoft and Google 

Foreign affairs - Government’s term for adulterous relationship with an outlander?  Foreign affairs as South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford’s affair with his soul mate in Argentina

Accountability – a term often used by candidates, never when elected.  As “we want to hold those in office accountable”

Transparency – a term often used by candidates, never when elected.  As in “we want to have discussions in the open, on C-Span”.  Once elected, deals are cut in smoke-filled back rooms.

Words must mean something – paraphrasing Humty Dumpty, words must mean exactly what I say they mean

Serious Consequences – used to send a message to rouge regimes by those in elected office. Translation:  “ …give me a break, you know I can’t do anything, at least be discreet”

Mis-speak – To lie, as in “I served in Viet Nam, when I really did not”

Overstate  - Lie, as in “I landed under sniper fire”, when in reality she was miles away from any danger, for instance

Embellish – Lie – as in “ I embellished my service records, including my association with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)”

I did not proposition the Senator  – To lie, as in Senator Sestak’s being offered a position in the administration to drop out of the race against   Senator Specter

Enemy combatants – Name given by the current administration to terrorists, to differentiate them from critics of the current administration, known by the pejorative tea baggers, veterans, Astroturf®  and or well dressed seniors.

Man-made disasters – Term used by the current administration to terrorists acts, for the same reason the terms Overseas contingency I used

Overseas contingency – Name given by the current administration to what was formerly known as Global War on Terror, so that the administration’s private party can be more liked around the world – this compares to the Chinese Government’s Private Party, which wants to rule the world, for instance.

Connecting the dots – term used by the current administration  as in “failure to connect the dots< “we are in the process of connecting the dots, or we must connect the dots”  In all cases, this is to mean “we screwed up,” without admitting it.

Don’t rush to judgment  - Used to admonish taxpayers to not make a decision prior to the administration’s ability to put the proper spin on the story – as in the case of Nidal Hassan’s Ft. Massacre.  Even in the final report, the military fails to connect the dots to Radical Islam

System works  - Term used by Secretary Napolito to mean, “Boy, did the system fail big time”

It all depends what is, is. – a way to spin a lie.  Refer to embellish.

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