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Coto de Caza's Governance, Ignorant, Psychotic or ...?

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Coto de Caza, CA - Since the Coto de Caza (CZ Master) board of directors continue to make boneheaded decisions, such as focusing on teenage vandalism, as opposed to grown-up crimes which have a direct impact on public safety, such as theft, fraud and or moving citations, or the more recent decision to propose extending the district delegate terms from one year to two, thereby consolidating its power base, instead of pursuing the more democratic, direct elections, we are wondering if the board ever got the memo – that is, is the board ignorant or psychotic?

Take for instance a piece published in the CotoBuzz Journal October 30, 2005

CID Legislation – the next step – Reprinted from the CotoBuzz Journal, October 30, 2005
So far, all the CID legislation we have supported such as board of director qualifications, background checks and election reform, has been vehemently opposed by those who by definition, make Home Owners Association non-profit corporations:  Incompetent board of directors, CAI attorneys, property managers and so on.

Evidence A is the CZ Master Association Letter where a Keystone Pacific employees labels a certain type of legislation unreasonable and an effort by the legislature to micro-manage and attributes the passage of this legislation to “..poor practices of a few associations, but more often it is from negative sensationalism by the media or a few disgruntled residents”. 

Grandiose statement from a person who is not supposed to use the forum to make political points, the one who has been identified as one of the most ineffective property managers in the history of Coto.  The same type of behavior that has generated more legislation to make sure HOAs and Property managers do not use association funds to make political points – legislation we also support.  And the same HOA and property manager who blocked a less expensive election reform that we have proposed.  If other associations such as the CZ Master had adopted such proposals much sooner, the Legislature would not need to micro-manage.  So do not blame it on  “..poor practices of a few associations, but more often it is from negative sensationalism by the media or a few disgruntled residents", but on poor management such as the current CZ BOD and poor property managers, such as Keystone.

The next step is to introduce additional legislation to bring in a Chairman/President, on salary, that will make sure property managers, legal counsel and other blood sucking special interest groups and service providers perform, rather than dictate how residents should behave.


The California State Legislature continues to pass laws aimed at protecting the rights of HOA Members because many HOA Boards and Associations including CZ have abused those rights and failed to manage Associations in keeping with existing laws and Association governing documents.  Laws governing HOA's don't get passed because of the complaints of a few disgruntled homeowners and/or because of the abhorrent actions of a few HOA's.  These laws are being passed because there is wide spread abuse and CZ is no exception to the rule.  These laws are generally opposed by the HOA industry because any law that requires more accountability to Members is a threat to their income streams.    The current CZ Board has squandered our dues money subsidizing outside groups, exposed us to unnecessary danger and liability on our streets, ignored legal agreements, manipulated the last Board election using dirty trick tactics and generally mismanaged the CZ Master Association.  CZ Board Members, please look in the mirror.  These new laws are aimed at all of YOU.   Joe Morabito 

Vote NO on Changes to CZ Masters Association CC&Rs
Coto de Caza, CA - Just when you think that the CZ Masters Association board of directors cannot possibly come up with another boneheaded idea, BAM!, there it is This time the CZ Masters Association’s is spending your hard earned money “to save you money” – or so it says. The board is proposing to amend the Master Declaration to extend the term of elected delegates from one year to two years and authorize the board members to call as special meeting of any district. The argument is that you, CZ dues-paying residents unnecessarily pay $6000 per district in connection with each district meeting for election of delegates, or roughly $300,000/year.  Why unnecessary you ask?

Coto Continues Course of Corruption (C4)
On behalf of the CotoBuzz Journal readers, I am requesting that the CZ Master Association and its legal counsel revisit the board’s latest decision to extend the district delegate’s term from one year to two years. An independent observer can readily see the move as yet another power grab attempt, when it should be doing the opposite: Work to hold direct elections, particularly now that the Coto is in Rancho Santa Margarita’s sphere of influence. Further, annexation of additional land simply means additional expenses to the community.  Look forward to hearing from you that sensible heads have prevailed

Another HOA Bites the Dust - CHEN v. ASSN. LIEN SERVICES
FACTSThe facts are stated in full in our prior opinion in this matter. (Chen v. Association Lien Services (June 1, 2006) G035402 [nonpub. opn.] (Chen I).) In short, Chen believed his home had been wrongfully foreclosed upon by his two homeowners associations while he was out of the country. In 2003, he filed the instant lawsuit against the associations, the management company, and ALS, alleging wrongful foreclosure, rescission and restitution, breach of fiduciary duty, willful misconduct and accounting. A first amended complaint added claims against certain defendants for unfair business practices, violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, RICO, quiet title, and declaratory relief. Although not initially filed as a putative class action, Chen later sought to certify a class for three of his claims, for breach of fiduciary duty, unfair business practices, and for violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the last against the ALS defendants only. The court denied the class certification motion, and in our prior opinion, we affirmed. (Chen I, supra, G035402.)

Final Categories of the Davy HOA Awards announced
Sunday, February 27, 2011, 9:02:52 PM Go to full article
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA – The CotoBuzz Journal, a community journal with a focus on HOA/CID, public safety and government corruption in general, today announced the official categories of the 2011 Homeowners Association Davy Awards. View the Davy Awards as the Un-CAI Awards: For example, the Orange County Chapter of the Community Association’s Industry (CAI) presented the homeowners’ association industry awards at the chapter's leadership awards dinner February 25, 2011.

It is 2009 - Iraq Holds Free Elections - Coto de Caza Still Ruled By Politburo
It is 2009 and Iraq just held its municipal elections with little to no little violence while sectarian parties did poorly and mainstream media mostly ignored the milestone as a nonevent. Refer to a good editorial on the subject by the WSJ.

CZ Master Association 2009 Budget Failure and Mismanagement
The CZ Board failed to adopt a proper 2009 budget for the CZ Master Association because they simply refuse to deal with the subsidies going to non-members which is clearly necessary. The $ 6.00 monthly dues increase does not cover the needs of the.

County and OCBOS Pat Bates Endorse Coto?s Trickle Up Welfare Program
Posted By CotoBlogzz | 1/09/2009 10:30 AM Only after thoughtful deliberation and taking into considering a number of contentious issues, the County has given the green light to proponents of building a new polo arena in Coto de Caza ?

Pimp My CCW ? Annex Coto de Caza
Promoters of Coto de Caza Trickle Up Welfare Program have also been promoting the annexation of Coto de Caza in ways that would make Don King proud. The cover of the January 2009 Coto de Caza newsletter proudly announces a breakfast with Sheriff Hutchens...

An undated article titled Community Association Conflict, available online from the Community Associations Institute (CAI) asserts that ?Rather than David-versus- Goliath conflicts, as occasionally portrayed in the media, disputes in community associations. ..

The cases: Golden Rain Foundation vs Franz and Golden Rain Foundation vs Lyon Not incredibly, the California Supreme Court denied Golden Rain Foundation's request for review of a case they just kept losing. Another costly bit of arrogance that...

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