Friday, August 26, 2011

Jerry's Job’s Jest…err plan

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA – Governor Brown’s announced yesterday his plan to radically change the unemployment picture in California by  changing the tax code in order to bring in more revenue from firms that employ the bulk of workers outside of the state and giving new breaks to firms that hire or buy equipment in California.   Makes sense, and the Mostly Left Wing & Hyphenated Media not only loves it but is using it as parts of its WMD arsenal to manipulate the apathetic, uninformed and or otherwise cognitive-challenged audience.
Red County

The problem of course is that the devil is in the details, and Jerry wants radically different results by doing the same darn thing, over and over and over and over.....

 We assert that Jobs follow Winstren’s Law:  Jobs go where needed and stay where well treated.  California, aided and abetted by the symbiotic relationship between unions (CTA and SEIU spent over $500 million in ten years to buy favors from Sacramento lawmakers),  lobbyists (lobbyists outnumber  lawmakers by 10 –1) and parasitic bureaucracies (such as CLRC, LAFCO, AQB) and lawmakers have created the “Jobs not wanted in California” sign.   What Jerry wants to do with the tax code is add salt to the wound:  The companies affected by the “No Jobs in California” sign that established operations elsewhere, will now be taxed even more.  Guess how long it is going to be before they move all their operations out of the state?

What is required is for Jerry and the rest of the spineless politicians in Sacramento to simply get out of the way.  Merge and or close some 80% of more of the parasitic bureaucracies in Sacramento.  What is the common denominator between fiber optics, MRIs, Lasik, Google, liquid crystal displays (LCDs, holograms, Gatorade and a myriad innovations more? These all sprang from the discoveries of university researchers. To date, Stanford University gets a whooping $1 billion/year from Google alone!   However, before passage of the Bayh-Dole act of 1980, all rights and proceeds from federally funded research remained the property of the federal government. Commercialization rates of university research discoveries have since multiplied - just another vivid example that government is best, when it leaves market forces alone, particularly in the job creation market

The key is to foster an environment where innovation thrives not to feed  Sacramento’s  parasitic bureaucracies.  Moronically, as the jobs pie keeps shrinking, union bosses and parasites demand a bigger slice of the pie.

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