Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Will the RRR please stand up?

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - Next time you attend a local, regional and or national Republican gathering ask the following question:  How many of you are Real Reagan Republicans (RRR)?

Not doubt most of the attendance, whether candidates, surrogates or activists will try to outdo each other using terms like “I was a Reagan foot soldiers,” I am a fiscal conservative, or even “I am a Reagan Democrat.”  - in other words, the behavior is predictable.

It  happened during  2010 and it is already happening in the 2012 elections – When the message does not resonate with the media, voters or activists, use personal attacks and  innuendos to leapfrog your opponent and or get your candidate to the front of the line – the same people who previously wanted to outdo each other as to who best personified President Reagan are the first to violate the President’s 11th Commandment.

Predictably, the Mostly Left Wing and Hyphenated (MLWH)   Media loves not only the hypocritical message, but it amplifies it and uses is as WMD to manipulate the apathetic, uninformed and or otherwise, cognitive-challenged electorate.  Sadly, the MLWH  does not have a corner on the market. 


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