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Complaints not restricted to errant attorneys - try judges

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - In the piece published in the CotoBuzz Journal June 10, 2009 titled  Lowering the Bar – a Kindler Gentler California Bar, we make the argument that while the California State Bar’s discipline system is designed to protect the public, the courts and the profession from attorneys who violate ethical rules covering their professional conduct, the system is not only toothless,  but the organization seems intent on protecting the guilty.  Case in point top  Bar prosecutor Scott Drexel who took a tough  stance on attorney misconduct was  let go.  Mr. Drexel served as chief trial counsel for four years and worked at the State Bar  for more than thirty years.

Two years earlier the CotoBuzz Journal published a piece encouraging residents to file  complaints “against errant attorneys – but especially homeowner association attorneys.”   Given the lowering of the bar for attorney misconduct in California, should the attorney  complaints stop, given that the it is highly likely the California Bar will not act?  Not at all, quite the contrary.  While the California Bar may not act, the complaints will serve as a document trail just that can be extremely useful should litigation be necessary. 

The aforementioned piece makes the assertion that all we need to file an attorney complaint, we learnt in Kindergarten – click here for details.  See example of actual complaint.  – Click here

However, complaints are not restricted to errant attorneys, as  George K. Staropoli,  President of Citizens for Constitutional Local Government illustrates with a complaint of judicial misconduct he filed against Arizona Robert Carter Olsen. Click here for copy -  Mr. Staropoli states that procedure is rather straight forward, and just like going to court, the violation a specific rule(s) of conduct must be stated.  Then, documentation must be provided in support of the charge of misconduct.

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Mr. Staropoli’s illustration is quite timely considering the California  judicial civil war  with
the Alliance of California Judges pushing legislation to reduce the powers of the Judicial Council, headed by the chief justice and the Administrative Office of the Courts(AOC). A special commission appointed by Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye to investigate the Administrative Office of the Courts delivered what the Sacramento Bee describes as a scathing report  that, in essence supports the rebel judges’ arguments, including characterizing the AOC as a top-heavy and unwieldy organization with deficient  management processes.


Lowering the Bar – A Kinder Gentler California Bar
The California Bar was created by the state legislature in 1927 as a public corporation within the judicial branch of government, serving as an arm of the California Supreme Court. All State Bar members are officers of the court.

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CSI Coto de Caza
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The CotoBuzz ... II: KEEP FILING CALIFORNIA STATE BAR COMPLAINTS ... ofcomplaints you can file at the bar ... - 

THE STATE BAR OF CALIFORNIA. Instructions for Filing a Complaint Against a California Attorney. Complaint Form (PDF version) Fill out all spaces on the CaliforniaAttorney ... -

You should register a complaint with the State Bar if you ... do not have to be a U.S. citizen to file a complaint. ... or other information to: The State Bar of California ... -

... California's consumers is one of the primary missions of The State Bar of California. ... How to file a complaint ; Complaint Form "What Can I Do If I Have a Problem With My ... - 

About Filing A Complaint... The Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) is California's consumer ... or smog check station, you must file a written complaint on BAR's ... -

... Mandatory Fee Arbitration, The State Bar of California ... consider the following beforefiling a complaint with the State Bar: ... true when you are seeking copies of the file ... 

... the Bar – A Kinder Gentler California Bar. Posted By ... All consumers have to do tofile complaints about an ... The CotoBuzz Journal P.O. Box 154 Trabuco ... 

The words “Leisure World” have become synonymous with a few different “communities” but in particular, for the purpose of this opinion piece, reference is to Laguna Woods, or “LW.”  Leaving incompetence aside, it is the quintessential entanglement consisting of a bloated conglomeration of bureaucracies that are over-extended and lost in a swamp of their own importance.  For now, LW appears to have become equivalent to a “Dead Man Squawking.”  Yup, in the opinion of this author, it’s now a quagmire of dead-ends and circular arguments draining vital resources and adversely affecting the residents’ quality of life if not their property values.  It is amazing that in order to accomplish ANYTHING of consequence the residents have to contemplate suing their own community!

Breach! Breach of Fiduciary Duty:  The Board?  PCM, The  Property Management Company, or United Director Michael Curtis ?  - You be the judge
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Leisure World's Mutual Number Four President and Seal Beach City Councilman Mike Levitt wrote an alternately whiny and self-congratulatory letter to the editor published by The SUN NEWSPAPERS in its Thursday, April 23, 2009 issue.
Law? What Law? WE are the Law!
TO: All Directors and MembersGolden Rain FoundationThird Laguna Hills MutualUnited Laguna Hills MutualRecent find of Original Documents were mailed to each President (GRF, Third Laguna Hills Mutual and United Laguna Hills Mutual), together with...

Another Corrupt Coto de Caza Election
All: I just threw the Delegate Election form sent by CZ in the trash. I refuse to participate in a process that intentionally disenfranchises our members. Clearly, we have taxation without representation in Coto/CZ.
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A homeowner?s association board of directors, by statue, is responsible for the maintenance, repair and replacement of common areas. In Coto the Caza however, the local governance regularly goes beyond


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The Court system in Arizona leaves a lot to be desired, misconduct is rampant.
Read the following documents.

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Seems eerily familiar. Are you sure you are not corresponding with the California Bar?