Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tustin Man to be arraigned for embezzlement of undocumented employee wages from Public Work Contracts

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA  - Reza Mohammedi will be arraigned on an indictment tomorrow for embezzling over $350,000 in employee wages from public work contracts and filing false tax returns to hide his theft.  According to the Orange County District Attorney’s office,  this is the first prosecution of its kind in Orange County for fraud related to a public works contract.

Mohammedi, 57, Tustin, is charged with 15 felony counts of failing to file a return with the intent to evade tax, 15 felony counts of willful failure to pay tax, seven felony counts of taking and receiving a portion of a worker's wage on public work, six felony counts of recording false and forged instruments, and three felony counts of filing false tax returns. Reza is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow, May 23, 2012

Mohammedi is accused of owning and operating Southland Construction in the Counties of Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino. For the case in Orange County, he is accused of the following:

Between December 2008 and February 2012, Mohammedi is accused of entering into public works construction contracts with the Cities of Brea, Fullerton, Orange, Laguna Woods, County of Orange, the Saddleback Valley Unified School District, and the Orange County Transit Authority. The defendant is accused of hiring mostly undocumented Hispanic workers and threatening to call authorities if they reported his scheme. 

Mohammedi is accused of coaching his workers on what to say if a public works inspector asked them questions regarding their wages. He is accused of systematically submitting fraudulent Certified Payroll Reports falsely stating that he was paying his workers the correct wage of $42 to $53 an hour for each project. Instead, the defendant is accused of paying his employees $13 an hour.

Mohammedi is accused of handing out payroll checks with the correct wage amount to have proof of payment. Mohammedi is accused of then requiring his employees to return a majority of their pay to him after they cashed their checks, either in cash, by instructing them to use their "excess" wages to pay for project materials, or supply another worker's pay in cash. Using this scheme, the defendant is accused of embezzling over $350,000 in employee wages from his public works contracts for his own use.  

Between 2008 and May 2012, Mohammedi is accused of failing to accurately report employee wages and filing two false and fraudulent reports of employee wages with the Employment Development Department (EDD). The defendant is accused of failing to provide his employees with W-2 forms until 2009, and then falsely reporting their wages at the correct wage rate while paying them significantly less. Mohammedi is accused of filing false income tax reports with the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) to hide the theft.  He is accused of taking tax deductions for wages he did not pay to his employees.  

The Orange County District Attorney's Office investigated this case in cooperation with the Center for Contract Compliance, Contractors State License Board (CSLB), Department of Industrial Relations - Division of Labor Standard Enforcement, EDD, and FTB.

Deputy District Attorney Shaddi Kamiabipour of the Insurance Fraud Unit is prosecuting this case.

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