Monday, May 21, 2012

The games HOA board of directors play


The Games HOA board of directors play
Maxine's " Poor Me Game"

This lack of support and responsibility by directors of course, just gives another reason to feel 'poor me'.
A common response from director B that balances out the social capital is to also do a 'Poor me'. The game can then become a to-and-fro discussion of how terrible and downtrodden he or she is..
Note that there is a big difference between the victim in a game and a 'real-life' victim. The game victim enters into the state voluntarily (albeit often subconsciously) and gains some comfort from this state, as described above. The real victim is the person mugged on the streets or an orphan in a war-torn country, the seniors whose  assessment go up 35% in six years because they were sold out by the people who trusted them. who have no choice: they are made a victim by circumstance or the actions of others.
You say so what?
If you are happy to be the shoulder to cry on for other people, then you can gain social capital and ask for something in return. Also, watch out for becoming the person about whom A is complaining.
Members 1st, Paul Loughrey

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