Monday, June 18, 2012

FICO, VANTAGE Scores & Joe McCarthy

By William Kirkendale

William Kirkendale

Question: What do FICO and VANTAGE so-called credit scores have in common with Joe McCarthy and his blacklist witch hunt era of the 1940's and 50's? They both willfully spread untrue lies and false information about people to ruin their good names and reputations. 

Which brings me to ask this question....Why do I, a man with a spotless credit history for over 50 years, have a -0- Very bad (F) rated FICO and VANTAGE credit score? Is it because I have bad credit? Is it because I don't pay my bills on time? Is it because I don't pay my child support? Is it because my house was foreclosed on? Or maybe it's because I didn't pay my ex-wife's alimony on time and she reported me to the credit bureau?

No my friends it was none of these things that caused me to have a bad (-0-) FICO/VANTAGE credit score. What caused me to have a -0- bad score was that I was the target and victim of a FICO VANTAGE score Joe McCarthy like witch hunt.  I had paid off all my 25% interest rate credit cards. I also had no other kind of debt because like a good retiree at age 75 I also paid all that debt off too. Therefore unlike the country of  Greece and the US government I was happily debt free. So what then was my crime?

My crime was very simple . I was being targeted, credit scored and held hostage by a bunch of con artists and phony tea leaf prognosticators who for their own massive greed and profit do this every single day to millions of unsuspecting American citizens. Just like in the old Joe McCarthy Hollywood blacklist witch hunt era of the 1940's and 1950's...And we wonder why there are no jobs in America and the economy is in the sewer...People who were falsely blacklisted and "SCORED" back then by his lordship Joe McCarthy the original FICO VANTAGE man couldn't get jobs either..

You can't have a vibrant American economy when the American public is being blacklisted and held hostage by the fraud and deceit of a few greedy, unseemly credit scoring companies. Frankly I think it's time to drag out our old "Don't Tread on Me" flag and send all these phony credit scoring companies packing......just like we did to his royal FICO VANTAGE highness senator Joe McCarthy  50 years ago....

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