Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Advocates sue State for unconstitutional HOA amendments

Advocates sue State of AZ for unconstitutional HOA amendments bill – SB1454

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Today  is the deadline for a response from the State in answer to the constitutionality challenge of Senate Bill 1454  filed by George K. Staropoli and Bill Brown against the State of Arizona. Staropoli & Brown v. State of Arizona, CV 2013-009991,  Mr. George K. Staropoli is an activist who advocates on behalf of homeowners on issues and legislation involving common interest developments (CI/HOAs)

According to Mr. Starpoli:

On the table has been an option to sign a consent agreement and avoid the court, but  the State has  not responded  to date.

Instead of signing the Consent Agreement, the State can file a Motion to Dismiss or some other Answer.  But then, we have another opportunity to bring out the facts of this unethical attempt to get some HOA laws into being that favored a private industry – the HOA managers.  Failure to respond seems to be the next best thing – avoid more publicity – and my guess we would file for  a default judgment

Every state in the Union should have a Starpoli

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