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Member’s Response to Accusations From the GRF Boardroom

Trustee Lynne Devorak;

I want to thank you for your remarks about “Greed off the Backs of Seniors”. I do not know if they were intended for the author or publisher. Those remarks and accusations listed on the cover page might seem harsh and unbecoming of a professional person. A trustee who is responsible for the 100 million dollars of community’s resources and assets.

But to me your paranoid and negative statements make me feel joyful. Just like when one of my golfing friends calls me an  “ass hole” after I just made a 40 foot putt. Please believe me these are terms of endearment, recognition and they giving me a moment of superiorly. Because not only did I win the hole, the money, but I won the mental game.

Lynn thanks again, for your President’s outbursts and the challenges about the video documents of “Greed on the Backs of Seniors. During the last two years, I have sent you multi-emails about your violations of state and federal law. (No Response) I met you at a PPV party and requested a personal meeting with you about the violations of governing documents. (No Response)

I once heard Psychologist Lesky (1964) say, "the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior." I believe that's true. People can change, but they usually don't. If someone has cheated in the past, I would expect them to cheat in the future. If someone has shown a pattern of cheating in the past, I would definitely count on them to cheat in the future. So my not trusted trustee. it’s time the communities’ start reviewing the video “On The Backs Of Seniors”.

I noticed while playing games with some relatives that they liked to cheat. They were kids and seemed to prefer winning over playing fair. If they could not win they quit. I stopped trusting them. Years later I still do not trust them. Before I started trusting them again they would need to earn my trust. If I want to win I try my best and work at improving myself so I can do better next time.

Cheaters do not improve themselves. I would not hire a person that I did not trust and I would not hire a person that does not try to improve themselves. Isn’t name calling and accusations just another way of hiding the truth from others?

I believe in honesty. Always tell the truth even if your knees are wobbling. If someone can cheat in a game, he or she can cheat with anything. I have no respect for people who have problems with honesty, trust, betrayal and integrity. I do not trust someone who cheats at anything.

We should have a TOWN HALL MEETING ASAP to declare who is the liar. I will bring the 5,435 pages of past director comments and history that you can challenge the integrity of these documents. This TOWN HALL MEETING can be presented to the community by channel 6. The shareholders could have a direct connection for e-mail response. The residents will judge the validness of the documents and voice their opinion. You will have the opportunity to disprove that one or all these past board of directors observations are incorrect.

Paul Loughrey
Executive Director
Members 1st Foundation

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