Saturday, February 10, 2007

2007 Coto de Caza Elections, Irregularities Off and Running!

2007 CZ Elections, Irregularities Off and Running!

Elections have not taken place yet, but irregularities have. Consider the title for this Request for Candidates sent by Keystone Pacific, dated February 1, 2007 (click here) , Then compare to list of CZ districts below. What is wrong with this picture you ask?

The request letter incorrectly identifies the district number with the district name. Possible consequences:

Residents can question the irregularity – very doubtful!
Residents can be confused and increase the apathy level – likely
Residents may not notice and take action (circular file or respond) - doubtful

1 Ranchos Colinas (sub-association) Chris Anderson
2 The Forest/Tiara/The Arbours/Lyon George Thagard Alternate: Janis Quinn
3 The Terrace (sub-association) Ronald Goulden
4 Grand Coto II John Smead
5 Coto Country Homes Darrell Starnes Alternate: Don Joynt
6 Fairway Oaks (sub-association) Karen Martin, Alternate: Ethel Hanna
7 East Hills/East Point Robert Alberts Alternate: John Noel
8 Los Verdes (sub-association) Marilyn Carrabino
9 Oakmont Xochitl Yocham
10 Stonehedge Andrea Owen
11 The Trails/Master Collection Terry Corwin
12 Summerfield Corey Ferguson Alternate: Ronald Beach
13 Hillsboro Steve Zipperman Alternate: Joseph Aguirre
14 The Greens NO DELEGATE
15 The Woods/Arroyo Sur Ron Eger
16 Fairway Estates Michelle Capotosto
17 Meritage Preston Walrath
19 The Classics NO DELEGATE
20 Chantemar Lyle Schlieder
21 Canyon Estates Robert Curran
22 The Legacy/Enclave/Stonefield Estates NO DELEGATE
23 The Pinnacle Arlene Kraft
24 Greystone Villas (sub-association) Don WegnerAlternate: Tom Ritchie
25 Andalusia (sub-association) NO DELEGATE
26 Oak Ridge NO DELEGATE
27 Tanglewood NO DELEGATE
28 Glen Eagles Marion McAdam
29 Montecito Bill Bushek
30 Tapestry Bob Grich
31 Grand Coto Estates/Part of Atherton/Part of Weatherly Lea Ann Miller
32 Part of Southern Hills/Fairway Reflections Jerry Scanlan
33 Glenmere Paul Thomas
34 Crooked Oak Elaine Hamill
35 Courante Terry Kwit
36 Part of Atherton/Part of Weatherly William Linas
37 Southern Hills Encore Michelle Peters
38 Terrazza George Barnes
39 Silver Creek Mary Spicer
40 Rosewood Della Kopper
41 Spring Hill/Chatham Joan Walters
42 Stonefield Private Collection/San Marino Jerry Mezger, Alternate: Peter Drivas
43 Oak Knoll (sub-association) Dan Domier
44 Oak View (sub-association) Mitch Hill
45 Terra Vida Michael Lane
46 Valle Vista Bob Varo

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