Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Coto de Caza 2006 Safety Round Up

Coto de Caza 2006 Safety Round Up
February 14, 2007
We are happy to report that the number of traffic accidents in Coto de Caza continue to decline since the board of directors was coerced into bringing back the CHP for proactive traffic patrol as a consequence of the first traffic fatality (December 2005) in the community - see chart

Unfortunately, the most recent information we have from the Orange County Sheriff's Office is that the crime rate in Coto de Caza reached an all time high in May 2006. The "crime management tool" we developed in cooperation with Kristine Garcia from the SSD/OCSD has not been used to provide us with the periodic updates we would like to see - Repeated requests to the Sheriff's Office for updates have been ignored. We are hoping to get an update on time for the March 2007 issue of the CotoBuzz Journal.

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