Thursday, February 15, 2007

Coto's North Gate and the Portland Weather Forecast System

Coto's North Gate and the Portland Weather Forecast System
February 15, 2007
For the longest time we have been wondering why it is that $2M/year for gate access control does not buy Coto residents a certain level of service and convenience. That is, when gates, such as the North Gate one, are not functional, residents should be notified in advance that the .”…gates will be down for maintenance on such and such a date…”, you know, like real business handle their business.

As we tried to enter using the North gate this afternoon it dawned on us that the Coto de Caza gates use a similar system as the one used by Portland (Oregon) residents to predict the weather: Consists of a simple piece of rope, and is uses as follows: If the rope is dry, you can predict rain with a high degree of certainty. Coto residents can use a similar system: If the gates are functional, you can predict with a high degree of certainty that the next time you try to ingress/egress, the gates will not be working!
Click here for picture of today’s maintenance crew:

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