Monday, February 12, 2007

U.S. to end financial aid to India – Coto de Caza Largesse to Continue

U.S. to end financial aid to India – Coto de Caza Largesse to Continue

Friday, February 12, 2007

Washington: As a result of India's booming economy, the United States has decided to end all financial aid to the country, according to The Times Of India.Citing New Delhi's growing economic performance and changing profile, the current aid of $ 124.9 million aid in 2006 is being cropped to a meager $ 81 million for the coming fiscal, recording a drop of 35 percent.

By US estimates, India has received the equivalent of $14 billion in American economic assistance ($57 billion in today's dollars) from the time Washington opened the aid flow in 1951. US bilateral financial assistance to India has been thinning steadily after peaking in 1960 when Washington gave $ 1.6. billion, 92 percent of it as food aid, to a country that was widely considered a basket case.

According to the Hindu Business Line “India Inc has yet again pleasantly surprised investors with commendable results for the quarter ended December 2006, leading to renewed buying interest” A survey by Hewitt Associates shows that wages in India rose 13.8% in 2006, and that middle class households take home more roughly $22,000 annually. In contrast, the Coto de Caza median household income in 2000 was $136,726/year, Yet CZ Association residents have seen two consecutive monthly dues increase to finance an administration’s largesse that includes a renovation of Coto de Camel Drive, training programs for poorly performing service providers and handouts for anyone who stops by, with the only caveat that the administration is not criticized.

Coto de Rocky Road?From inception, Coto de Caza was designed with the Bucolic feel in mind ? after all, that is what Coto de Caza means. With the Advent of the Varo/Mezger administration, rules, regulations and CC&Rs have been thrown out of the window. First was the...
Honesty in Coto de Caza Supplier ManagementThe Coto de Caza board of directors is fortunate to count in its members self-described supplier management experts. In fact, the Orange County Register has quoted one of them as ?staking his reputation on honesty? ? so the question is:
Chavez gains free rein in Venezuela ? CZ BOD have free rein in Coto de CazaCARACAS, Venezuela - President Hugo Chavez, convening in a downtown plaza, lawmakers unanimously gave Chavez sweeping powers to legislate by decree and impose his radical vision of a more egalitarian socialist state.
True in 1907, True in 2007Today is January 28, 2007 and the flag at the North and Antonio gates (Coto de Caza) are still at half-staff. All US flags should have been back to Full staff on January 26, 2007.Is Coto setting it's own rules on displaying the US Flag?
The Enemy in Coto de Caza's Midst - The CHP!Considering the history of Coto de Caza, Can you name all the service providers that have been on a quarterly review (rather than yearly review) ? to make sure the service it provides is acceptable? Can you name the members of the board of directors when...

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