Friday, August 27, 2010

Coto De Caza Subsidies Qualify as Bellisimos

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Coto de Caza, CA -The CZ Master Association's population stopped growing some ten years ago and as the CZ population has aged, the total number of residents has gone down.  In fact,  Joe Morabito, a former member of the CZ Master Association board of directors, continues to argue for a Senior Center - The CZ Master Association is the largest homeowners associaiton in Coto de Caza.

However, the CZ subsidies continue, apparenlty  to accommodate population changes not in the dues-paying CZ community, but in subsidized communities such as the Estates, the Villages, the Stables, the Golf Club and now the Coto Polo Arena, such as the expenditure to build a turn-out lane by the un-manned North Gate, servicing mostly non-CZ residents.

One of the arguments for the Polo Arena was that traffic would NOT increase – yet the CZ Master Association board of directors in a Bell-like decision has decided to fund a turn out lane to accommodate traffic to and from the North Gate – arguably used mostly by the  aforementioned subisidised entities.

We asked CZ directors Xochitl Yocham and Bruce Banigan to  let  CBJ readers know the compelling argument used by the CZ board to spend the CZ resident's  money on this new turn out lane, other than to make it even more convenient to  the increasing parasitic residents in Coto de Caza Ms. Yocham characterizes as “good neighbors, not unlike Dove Canyon and or Rancho Santa Margarita residents” - so far no response.

We did get a response from Mr. Morabito, however.  

" Hello All:  We continue to subsidize a very small number of CZ Members at the expense of the total membership; i.e. horse owners maybe 100, if that, parents with kids using the Sports Park , maybe 500 if that, dog owners, maybe 200 if that.   And, many of these people are probably in the same 500.   So, roughly 3,000 CZ Members who are probably over 55 years old are paying all the bills to support 500 or so Members that are living the good life on us.  And then, there are the Estates and Village people who pay little or nothing to experience everything Coto at the expense of CZ Members.  I say we gate them out completely.  Sounds like Obama’s redistribution of income to me.   What is wrong with this picture?  CZ needs to understand and recognize its core customers.  Of course, we are captive customers since dues are required.  If that wasn’t the case, most CZ Members would have stopped doing business with CZ long ago because CZ does not offer any features and benefits for about 3,000 members.   

P.S.  I am still waiting for my bocce court and multi-generational park."

That should be all we need to induct the $3.00+ million/year CZ subsidies into "Bellisimos" - these are irrational actions taken by bureaucracies affected by the Bell Syndrome.  The Bell Syndrome ( BS) is when a parasitic bureaucracy becomes irrational and its decision-making focuses strictly on self-preservation. The BS strikes mostly communities where the electorate is apathetic, mis-informed, gullible, lazy, ignorant, or a combination thereof.

And that, is what the CZ Subsidies qualify as Bellisimos

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