Thursday, August 05, 2010

FISH-BHO-Nomics & Green Thumb Vs Teacher Jobs

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I have started to harvest a beautiful 10-foot tall Roma tomato plant I have been taking care of meticulously for the last eight months.  So far, I have picked some 5 pounds of delicious tomatoes and when all is said and done, the plant will probably yield some 20 pounds – eat your heart out Topsy-Turvy®! – I was so excited, what with how delicious my home-grown tomatoes are and all that money I saved! – then I started to do the math:   At best, I will not have to spend some $10-40 on tomatoes, but what about all the work and materials used in the process? – what is the net gain?  Cents on the devalued Buck!

Now I know how the farmers feel, particularly in California where the leeches….err legislators prefer to water a tiny fish, than use the water  for our own food supply.

As they say in the Topsy-Turvy® commercial: But wait!   There is more!  The Senate just passed a $26 Billion Teacher Payola Bill.  When you consider that the most powerful public sector union spent over $200 million to wine and dine the leeches….err legislators in Sacramento, over a 10 year period, that translates into a 130,000% annualized return, and that is JUST in this bill

So, why invest in Green Jobs, as in the Green Thumb, when you can invest in political influence?

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